pc fighting games

hi. im kindda lost here. i dont have any console .so i can only play fighting games on pc. but i m not sure if all the new games are avalable in pc. like kof xi . ohh another thing i have couple of games which never relesed in pc .but i got them somehow , like gulity gear xx reload . their is no emulator ,no nothing.what kind of games are that. like r they hacked or something.

pls let me know the fighting games that r avaible in pc.only mention names.that will do it for me.

A whole bunch of fighting games pre 2003 are playable using emulators. Its against the rules of the board for me to tell you how to obtain these.

Other PC fighters are:
-Akatsuki Blitzkampf (sehr gut)
-Big Bang Beat
-Melty Blood Act Cadenza
-Immaterial and Missing Power
-Eternal Fighter Zero
-Hinokakera, Glove on Fight, Mugen fighters, shitty fighter maker fighters etc. etc.
-PC GGXX#R (this is a port, not a hacked version).
-I’m tired okay, google this shit

You can play a bunch of other fighters on PS emus, PS2 emu if you can run it (doubt it) and nullDC (Dreamcast emulator).

You can’t afford a console because you’re from Bangladesh ? What kind of a reason is that D:


thankx. actually i only need the name. nothing elase. i will cheack the games u mention fallot. thanku fallot and aquashark.

sorry fallot. i do own a 360. but in my country only a few title are avaible.btw edited my 1st post. i should be more decent i think.:lovin::lovin:

Final Burn Alpha + CPS2 / NeoGeo = all you need. haha.

Here’s what you should do…

Buy a console.

PC fighting game scene is growing pretty much, doujin or commercial game wise. If you dont want to buy a console you dont have to. If you want one, ps2 is the way, new gen consoles are a big letdown.


Can someone pm some info on where to get MB:AC and Fatal/Fake for PC?

Maybe at Himeya? but i heard that its expensive.