Patmonstas garage

what up norcal/cencal evo is comin up i aint got no job but i got my money saved up so im goin it seems the only thing im lacking is players to practice with so im inviteing anyone who wants to come to my garage for some competitive cvs2 and 3s im lookin for serious games and training to get better the adress is 3609 ganado way MOdesto CA 95356 garage opens tomorrow july 5 and is open all the way up until evolution hope to see some btw i wake up around 9am so anytime after 9am is good people!:rock::rock::rock::rock::rock:

Son You dont want none!!

i do want some startin 2morrow mornin serious sessions comeby first lessons freeee:nunchuck::nunchuck:

Sup Pat-Muncha!
Where the yun @?
so how ur set up like?

2 tvs 2ps2 and cvs2 and 3s

Patmonsta has a dope set up good space could hold up to 20 peeps 2 Tvs Bunch of chairs. Fan! All set up some Pre Evo- Practice or just casual play…:woot:

what he said:woot:

be on ggpo later?

4 sure:woot:

ggs 2day akumaforce and shoryublanka

just saying wassup patmonsta and modesto! i’d game up with you guys if i was in your area. keep beastin.

I gotta make it down there when I get some extra cash to blow!

Andry if u do come to Modesto ill house u and BBQ. btw erik leezy when u comin down i was late on gettin back to you kicked myself in the ass when i missed the oppurtunity to train wit u holla back!

bout time, wus wonderin when i can come through wit no probs lol, im omw today, ima show u a real ken in 3rd strike, and dont sleep on me in cvs2, and ill bring marvel for the fuk of it, and teach u the way of the mags my son

Pat Go to lowes and buy the Ez disconnects there cheap and ill put them… Good training today. Mr. Eric Lee Come down get games with us. Pat lives right off the freeway!

look for the barn with the flexing ninja on it

LOL =p

TGP=aka martin i got ur message i was at MGL playin tekken 6 hell yeah i said it T6 garage is now open everyday with my parents permission so whenever u wanna come by give me a call i got a spare stick also.

lolz i seriously miss u alot mobei no homo tell everyone i said whatsup:lovin::woot:

moo…What ever happen to PLUggeR?