PAS/Toodles MC Cthulhu PS3 question

My joystick installer want to make separate connections for a PS3 and an RJ-45. At first I thought it was redundant because the PAS MC Cthulhu has a USB B port to connect to a PC/Mac/PS3 with a “B->A” cable and all you have to do is connect the buttons, and all the wiring is done for PS3/PC/Mac.

Should I save my money and his time and say the only thing you need to do is, once you wire the buttons according to the instructions, just find a USB B-> USB A cable that’s at least USB 2.0 (1.1 maybe if desperate? I have a spare B->A cable and am not sure whether it’s 2.0 or 1.1) and plug it straight into a PC, Mac or PS3?

That depends.

The USB-B jack will only get you PS3/PC/Mac support.
If you want any other legacy console, you’ll NEED the RJ-45 jack as well. You wouldn’t need both output jacks; you can run your USB-based platforms (PS3/PC/Mac) out of the RJ-45 as well.

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Electrically there no difference between cables for USB 1.1 and 2.0.

USB 3.0 and up on the other hand has double the amount of wiring.

Also it gets weird with USB C, as you can have 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 2.0, and thunderbolt with the same connector

@freedomgindamThank you, That’s half of I needed to know. Do nothing special except find a USB B->A cable for PS3/PC/Mac, and do the RJ-45 wiring for the other consoles. That’s exactly what I suspected. I want to save myself some labor for the PS3/PC/Mac

@Darksakul Thanks for the other half of telling me there’s enough data passage through a USB 1.1 where it doesn’t matter whether it’s USB 1.1 or 2.0

i’d like to meet your “joystick installer”

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There’s an official Paradise & Cthulhu thread, if there are questions about the board it should be directed there to avoid multiple topics about the same thing. It’s also easier to keep track of that way, so questions don’t get missed.

Thank you and Mahalo.


@torta , My joystick installer is Stanley T Escolano of Salinas California. He built my fight stick according to my specs back in the Street Fighter IV 360 days. When you miscommunicate, either one or both of you are at fault. I wanted it compatible with all my joystick. Thankfully he didn’t do it according to my specification, because I learned a few things about multi sticks by my experience. Like it’s easier to fiddle with one bulk connection than to disconnect and reconnect individual connections. I had to disconnect quick connects to change from left handed to right handed, and the labels kept falling off, and I didn’t know whether it was dangerous to misinstall if the voltage or ground was in the wrong hole, so I lived without. They are called quick connects, not often connects.

Then I did many years of asking questions. All of you shoryukenners helped me a lot. I had very little money and lots of time, so I spent more of the second and less of the first. I got a deal with stan where I pay him $50/month, ad n the course of 3 months he set the foundation to my ultimate stick. Another 2 or 3 months will go beyond what’s known. doing twork to make all buttons swappable, and making with work with Paleo systems, like Colecovision, Intellivision, 5200, Astrocade, Intellivision, 7800, SMS, and making it versatile enough where it fairly close to swiss-army-knife-like.

He not exactly the most knowlegable expert. But if I show something to him, he can see how to do it and figure it out. He’s built other sticks. He shows them off. I don’t know his youtube or website. I’ll ask when I talk to him at 6PM ET today. I’ll let you meet him.

And @PAS.Timothy I know there’s an official thread, but may it should be an official “folder” with many sub-threads for more specific issues. This is not deep in the weeds. I was just wondering what Stan meant by getting the PS3 wired up. I assumed it was as easy as hooking up a USB B->A. You guys verified that.

I thought the general rule was the shorter and more specific the forum topic is, the better. Maybe @PAS.Timothy can have a linkup page where specific questions are answered.

The general rule is if there is already a topic for it, use that topic and use the search function to see if your question has already been answered. There’s a reason there are “official” threads for topics, so people can use those.

I literally do not have the time of day to keep track of several different threads nor do I have time to go and link a bunch of sub topics to the main one. If you have questions on Cthulhu, you’re going to have to post them in that thread or I don’t get a notification of it, hence why I missed TWO new threads about the same thing. I don’t get notifications on new topics related to the stuff I work with, only ones I’m subscribed to, so if you want immediate service you will have to make usage of the tools you have.

Thank you and Mahalo.

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