Partners for Cammy

It seems as if everyone else has a thread like this, so I decided to make one for Cammy. Who would make a good partner for Cammy?

I have two main partners that I use with Cammy. Both Hugo and Hwoarang seem to have very good synergy with Cammy as anchors.

in terms of synergy i dont know but in terms of costume i’d go with abel lol


I picked this game up like 2-3 weeks ago and I told my self im learning Steve.Then I had trouble finding a partner for him and I tried Cammy out and im enjoying it.

Vega + Cammy:

the good:

Canceling out of Vega’s ScarletTerror (flipkick) juggle ender, Cammy can jump and do J.HK cl.MP far.HP x HK.CSpk

From Cammy’s HK.CSpk juggle ender, Vega can land df.HK df.HK df.HK HK.ST, or land just df.HK then activate Pandora for Cammy who can combo in Super

If Cammy lands EX.SpinKnuckle and activates Pandora for Vega, Vega can followup with cr.MK x HK.ST Super. He can also land super if Cammy jump-cancels cl.HK into Pandora.

Vega can tag in Cammy during his HP/EX.RCF and she can land EX.SpinKnuckle, but HP/EX.RCF is rare.

Vega provides better mid-range ground zoning and pokes than Cammy

Cammy provides better anti-air and point-blank frame traps than Vega

Both characters can start and end combos and juggles with eachother with good damage

Both characters benefit from air throws and good walk speed

the bad:

Neither character has projectile-zoning capabilities

Neither character has a strong/fierce blockstring-able crossup that is easy to time, both are very precise

Neither character has easy ground-oriented overheads, they require tricky/slow jump cancels or 1-frame links

I think that’s a good idea to describe the synergy of teams. Let me do mine.
Cammy + Hwoarang
The Good:
-Hwoarang has better high/low mixups than Cammy
-Cammy has better frame traps and has jab pressure
-Cammy has better mid-range pokes that lead to big damage
-Both characters can start and end combos with each other
-Hwoarang has better options against projectiles
-Cammy can combo into an EX charged Super Art after Hwoarang’s Heavy Hunting Hawk
-Both are fairly easy to play

The Bad
-Together, they don’t have the highest damage output
-Niether character has an easy, ground overhead (Hwoarang has Iron Heel, but its very slow)
-Hwoarang can’t deal much damage off a launcher without meter
-Cammy can’t combo into her Super Art without a Cross Cancel.

Cammy + Raven

The Good:
[]Cammy has beefy links that make up a lot of grounded hit-confirms traps into manual launcher. Raven capitilizes on this with cr.HP > cr.HP > cl.HP xx LK.Alter Ego/Super Art which means solid damaging BnBs that build a ridiculous amount of meter. Even combos that use a single meter can be meter positive with gems.
]Everything Cammy has TCs comfortably into Raven for max damage.
[]The high meter generation means you can TC and Super Art often.
]Jab Jab Jab Jab Jab Jab Jab Jab
[]This team is really online friendly. I know that shouldn’t be a thing, but it is.
]I don’t think they currently have any bad matchups. Maybe Ryu…
The Bad:
[*]Loses to Down-Back. No reliable overheads. This means they both focus on throws, frametraps and shenanigans. I think these characters will stay solid as time goes on, but won’t be considered top-tier material. They do great damage, but if the opponent is playing conservatively and sitting on a lifelead, you’re at a pretty big disadvantage.

I feel like I’ve posted in here before… maybe I’m thinking of the Juri forums. :-p

Anyway, right now I’m running Cammy/Law, and Cammy/Juri as my alt teams (main Law/Juri). I was running Cammy/Juri as my main but needed to change it up, and so far I’m liking Cammy/Law quite a bit. Cammy helps Law mainly with her ability to AA (which Law will gain in v2013, so uh… yeah), while Law gives her good overheads and mixup/reset opportunities on TC in return. Both are good in footsies (though Cammy may get damaged pretty badly by this in the update), and honestly I feel they can play either spot, building meter for the other (though Law is obviously better at it).

Why? Omg are they nerfing far mk?

Not that I know of. And actually I take that back; I was literally going by the boost combo nerfs and word of mouth, but after thinking on it more I don’t think that’s going to be an issue.

With the system changes she’s actually going to be pretty ridiculous. She was already able to throw pretty easily due to her walkspeed, now she can remove recoverable life for it too? Yes plz…

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So as an alt to my new main team of Juri x Marduk, Ive been running Cammy x Marduk as well, so far with decent results. Need to get more time in the lab with them but I do like that she’s able to put Marduk in his preferred position easily. And once I stop being dumb as bricks and start using my meter gem setup on her, she’ll likely work as a decent battery for him too.

Still working on it here and there though. Any thoughts on that team are welcome :slight_smile:

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What’s the frame data on cross assault ??? Startup? Invisibility??

I just saw nussyy/U27co cammy x Nina team that killed a Marduk with ~70% health using cross assault to anti air. They use it as a punisher as well.

edit: i am dumb.
[S]8 frames startup, 2 active frames. you can be hit out of it if you active it too late.[/S]
[S]it does 400dmg so it cant kill 70% hp marduk unless he was stacked to death with power gems.[/S]

[S]i’d rather anti-air with spike, tag cancel to nina, cr.hp-SkullSplitter-cr.hp-SkullSplitter-ivory cutter, tag cancel back to cammy, st.hp xx spike.[/S]
[S]it does like 450-500dmg or so for 2 bars. instead of 400 for 3.[/S]

[S]for punisher - again, st.hp-far hp-manual launcher- cr.hp-SkullSplitter-cr.hp-SkullSplitter-ivory cutter does shitton of damage meterless. why would you ever punish with cross art is beyond me.[/S]


Match starts at 52mark.

Thanks for the info. What’s the total damage of that combo? (end of round1)

fawk, cross assault, reading comprehension failure. i thought you refer to cross art.
that does a lot of damage so yea its a guaranteed kill. nevermind my post, going for CA is actually a smart move.
its 1(?) frame activation but since you need a partner to pull it off its problematic for solo players. fun thing to use when pubstomping with your friend tho.

total damage? 180+120+~140+~80+~180 = ~700ish

Ok … so cross assault is 1+0? (in sf4 terms)… .?? Or 1+1. ??

Ex spike startup is 5frames… What about invisibility?? Also can u tell me the damage difference between spikes and invisibility frames. All I know the none ex spikes are 4f startup and that I should use mk spike…

i have no idea how much frames exactly CA uses.
for all other frame info, refer to this:

Ex spike frames 1-11 full body Invulnerability. WooooW.

Cammy + Ogre a good team???

Lars x Cammy. Soooooo much damage from aa and combos or tags. Good overall synergy. However, I can see this team having bad matchups already.

With lili was able to land 3cannon spikes in 1combo in the corner. But 2bars. Lol for fun.

Still experimenting with teams. Debating if I should drop cammy for lili @_@