Part Norcal vs Issac, rashaan, and the Passion at Evo for money

Part Norcal vs Issac, Rick Mears, and the Passion at Evo for money

sup this is cableguy

Hey me n my homeboys wanna have a 3 on 3 tag team match for money in mvc2. Winning Team gets 30 bucks. Each person pitches in 10 bucks

The Chunksta, Cableguy86, Chris S(from fresno)


Rick Mears, The Passion, and Issac graham

are u foo’s up for the challenge, we’ll do this at evo

ORG’s not going to evo.

gg sir.

That sucks… it’d be a good match.

im pretty sure theyll still be down, theyll just get a replacement. ill talk to isaac today in case he doesnt see this thread.

I’m down for it, i’m pretty sure brandon will be too. Can we pick our third or are you guys gonna?

take em out chris … :slight_smile:

that team right theres a force to be reckoned with. itd be interesting to see you guys play the triple team of lews.

issac gg sir

i never heard of these guys before

i wouldnt bet money on that, them killaz dont sleep! >=)

I will own that whole team for free by my damn self.

Does that mean you’re going?

Damn if org goin yall need to go ahead and double that money I know he could use the dough after getting jerked for the ticket.

ORG nice with the gun slingin

He gonna put a red dot on ur head
Like its part of your religion

lloyd banks isn’t dip set, you’re slipping!! =(

Damn your right.

No homo, but them guns, org is cockin em


My final official team for EVO is Me/Isaac Graham/Rick Mears. So listen, put rick’s name in the title of the thread now.

And yeah, I accept your challenge for the team money match. My soldiers will always be rdy to go into war.:evil:

Yea Hyo’s team is gonna win this one
No disrespect to Norcal’s team tho
Would be just as strong or even stronger with ORG

rick’s santhrax is too fucking solid

Cali, prepare ~_~

How do you know rick’s going? and when do ya’ll plan on getting there?

WC gonna put a red dot in his eye like the fuckin’ terminator.