Parrying Tutorial for Ryu

Hello everyone, I have made a short tutorial for Ryu’s parry ability, I have been a huge fan of street fighter since my childhood and ever since I picked up street fighter V I have been having a lot of fun playing it. This is the first video of my newly started Youtube channel which will focus on content geared towards the new Street Fighter. Please check it out below. I look forward to hearing feedback and I hope this video is helpful.

question, can you parry on wake up?? Saved my ass many a times on 3S. Keep getting punished on here. Am I wasting my time MP+MK on wakeups???

yep, it even counts as a reversal. the reversal window pops up

The parry has a bit of startup before it becomes active, if they hit you on the first frame as you regain control and you do reversal parry your parry will get counter hit. It’s not really a wakeup tool in this game like 3S. It’s more for dealing with stuff that is slow but safe on block like Mika’s dropkick or Nash’s moonsault.

It’s one of those things where you can but you really shouldn’t. Like driving on the other side of the road.

Parry has 3 frame startup and no invincibility meaning it will lose to literally any meaty attack as well as throws. You also get punished if they do nothing. Against a player who times their meaties properly, parrying might actually be the worst possible thing to do on your wakeup besides holding forward.