Parrying to create Jump-In opportunities

Ok, so we all know “the Daigo” by now… Parry Chun’s super, jump parry last kick, land with jump-in combo with shotos. What are some more jump-in opportunites you get by parrying?

Dudley vs Ken Shippu: parry 3rd kick at least, jump straight up, landing j.HP, s.RH into EX blah blah.

Hugo vs Jump-in: jump towards parry, crossup splash into whatever.

Any more? This kind of stuff has always impressed me to some degree. In ST I can punish a flash kick… but when I punish it with a jump-in combo… BOOYA! :slight_smile:

vs Makoto’s SA2: block the first three hits, then jump straight up and air parry the last one into whatever.

the one vs Makoto is actually useful, Its really easy

try sa1 of yun or something?

vs. Q - parry 3rd hit of SA1 then jump back and hit into whatever