Parrying Supers, Any tips?

I’m sorry to say, but I’m one of those guys who weaseled into the 3rd strike scene only after playing SF4. Now, I’m not a complete scrub. I have a 7k Bison and whatnot. However, one particular thing is giving me trouble with the parry system. That is, parrying super arts. If it’s a super that I can see coming slowly (such as ryu’s shinku hado, etc.) I can full parry without a problem. However, with moves like Chun’s SA2, I can’t seem to even get the timing down on that very first hit. I’m almost positive if I could just get that first parry, I would be able to do the rest without too much trouble.

Does anyone have advice on how to get a better feel for exactly when to tap the stick when trying to parry a super art?

There’s already a thread on this.

Please refrain from creating new topics for simple questions. Use the already existing help and FAQ stickies. Thank you.

(and to answer your question, you need to input forward before Chun-li’s super flash, to make it easier. If you read the thread though, there are people saying ti can be done after the super flash, but personally, I have only done it once and find it way harder.)

I’ve done it, but its the very instant has reached you and is extending her kicks.

Ah, thanks. Sorry, I did take a quick look around but I guess I didn’t look hard enough.

Try blocking

Ya just fyi parrying supers isn’t really the most practical skill for new players

I wrote this on the thread you were linked to, but to answer your question:

For parrying most supers, you’ll have to input the parry before the flash comes out since you can’t input
anything during an opponent’s flash and most supers are very fast startup. So you’d input a forward right
before the flash and the game will hold onto your input for 5 frames. When that super flies into you 3 frames
later you will parry it automatically.