Parrying a shoto's standing close fierce low?

is it possible to low parry a shoto’s close standing fierce?

this happened on my friend’s xbox 3 or 4 times and in a couple of different situations (different characters, diff. distances, once on wakeup, etc.).

I’ve never seen it happen on ps2 or arcade. is this just a bug on xbox?

haha ive had the same question for ages, ive done it too on ps2, when someone tried to meaty me with s.hp i parried it low…

so ye

The last few frames of the move are low parriable. If you want to reproduce it just do the move really meaty.

Shoto’s and other characters can also low parry random stuff like Dudley standing jab. It’s just how they programmed it. Like shoto cr.strong can be parried either way - same concept.

u can low parry gill’s st fierce

cajun: its common sense that jabs are parry-able low and high, but usually a standing fierce shouldnt be =/ thats why i thought it was funny

iic: thnx for the replies =)

Ahh I gotcha. Guess I’m sheltered. :karate:

Actually I never saw this (the jabs, still havent seen the fierce) until the very first time I played it on PS2. I made that “WTF” face.

Hows it common sense that a s.jab is parryable high and low? Its common sense that a s.jab is parryable high and a c.jab is parryable low…until you find out, so no its not.

I thought everyone knew that all the jabs in the game were parryable high or low…

I thought everyone knew jabs are parryable high/low also. Should be common sense.

Chun li’s jabs are parryable low by a shoto even though they dont even touch them!

There was a section in my video which was supposed to be Ryu low-parrying ryu’s standing fierce. But i kinda made that video in a rush and realized that it wasnt in the final cut for some reason.

The standing fierce has to be done meaty to the point where it’s un-cancellable.

I love fatbear

thanks for trying to clear it up guys.

I’m not so sure about this. my guess is while it has to be done extremely late, it can still be parried before time runs out on the possibility of a cancel. In the instances my standing fierce was parried i was looking to do a meaty combo by canceling into hurricane kick, joudan, or shoryuken into denjin. 99% of the time, I don’t mess up the timing on this and always leave room for a cancel. even if you allow for some error, I seriously doubt it would happen 3 or 4 times to me and a few times to my friend in a little over a week…unless we’re just that bad.

well, let’s keep it simple.

Each time, you didn’t get the hurricane kick, joudan, or the shoryuken. Right?

i don’t remember, but hopefully the matches are still saved on the xbox. ill check this weekend

you don’t need to check them. You didn’t cancel it.
it’s uncancallllalbleleeee

oh ok

All jabs can be low parried even when they don’t touch the opponent. Like, for example, Q’s standing jab against a ducking just-about-everyone. Crouching Chun doesn’t sit any higher than Q’s knees, but she can still parry his standing jab.

Pfft, lame.

wait whats a meaty attack is that like pushing forward before the hit?

meaty means you start the move early when they get knocked down so by the time they get up they get hit by the few end frames of the move.

Like hitting UOH very early and when they get up you hit them with the last few frames. this kills off recovery and you are able to link super arts after it.

…that’s what i said. =)