Parry Timing in SF3

I’ve been playing SF3: 3rd Strike Online edition (PS3 version) for a few weeks now. I’ve been trying to sharpen my parry skills, and while it seems like I can occasionally make it happen, the only time that I can consistently parry is against a projectile. So I have a few questions concerning parries.

  1. Can I parry after I’ve already taken a hit? As in, I’ve taken one jab, could I possibly parry the next one?

  2. What kind of input timing is required? Is it milliseconds, or is there room to breathe?

I’ve begun working on the parrying trials, but I’ve only made it through the first three. I can manage to parry the first hit against Ken’s Shoryuken in the 4th trial, but I guess I don’t get the timing on each additional hit.

Any help would be appreciated.

1)Only if it’s not a combo

2)Don’t know exactly but I think it’s something like 10 frames? Also there is a parry input lock after you press forward so you can’t mash it.

Often beginners are too hectic, you have more time than you think. If you can parry projectiles advance to goukis red fb and than sa1, the timing for Kens srk is the same on every hit.

IMO you should practise on PS2/DC or arcade if possible, there is something off about the oe version. Can’t quite put my finger on it, though

nice av! joe is a beast in that game.

  1. depends on when the second jab comes out. you can get jabbed, recover fully from that jab, and then parry any hit after that. after being hit, you should probably block the next attack to clear your head instead of trying to predict the next move via parrying

  2. parry timing in 3S is very lenient. the difficulty comes from integrating it into normal gameplay, remaining calm so that attempted parries don’t throw a wrench into the current events, and knowing parry timing for multiple hits.

go to single player -> training mode -> parry training and record moves that you’re unsure about. watch the timing of how the dummy parries it. unless you’re about to be chipped, theres no reason to parry every hit of a multi-hit srk. record things like projectiles, common normals like shoto, some common special moves, anti-airs, etc. maybe record the dummy doing a pattern like far mp, block the first hit and then parry the if the parry comes out, attack. if the whiffs because you were too far, whiff punish. you’ll be training two skills at once.

oe is the ps2 version with less input lag and modified hud, music, and sound effects. there is no evidence that anything is wrong with parrying in oe.

Thanks! I’ll record a practice dummy and work at improving.

And knowing when to block and when to parry is kind of a sticking point for me. I think I’m seeing other players parry all the time and getting ahead of myself before getting my own fundamentals down.

OE is fine. It has the same input lag as arcade and is very close to the same speed. Isotopez’ lag test thread in the 3s section has the details on this if you’re curious. I would not recommend an old Dreamcast or PS2 to play the a worse port of the game (or in the case of Dreamcast, a much worse port). if you have OE on 360 or PS3 it’s 100% fine.

Once you get a feel for how parry works mechanically and you feel confident that you can do it, just play a lot. I think this is the easiest way to get an understanding of how parry is used.

If you’re unsure whether you should parry or block, the vast majority of the time block is the correct answer.