Panels From My Comic

people have been pming me asking to show stuff so since there has been lots of panel work being shown i thought i’d show a panel from my comic.


Say it aint so… Sweet has graced us with more work? J/K good to see more stuff from ya. Things are looking “sweet” as far as the drawings and shading and things go. Its hard to find something to pick at you about. Shit, looks great, hope to see more.

ok i’ll bite.

over all it’s ok.

how about some varity in the panels? talk about stale. EVERYTHING is the same size. no real close ups, or long shots.

the car goes from rear shot to head on, not very good flow.
the car in pannel 3 leads the eye off to the right. if you changed the angle so it was mirrored, then it would flow a lot easier into panel 4.

i can’t see panel 6 at all, but that’s probablly cause it’s on the comp.

the stlye i still believe looks exactly like capullo. now more than ever it looks like capullo.

it’s rendred well, but you could really really improve the flow, and the varity of the shots.

i know you’ll probablly shit on my opinions, but i think if you listen to them they will help your work.

this is not a bash on your art talent…more on page layout.


Pretty good for a rookie. I would have to say you definitely got your own style. Alot of people compare you to capullo, but in my opinion capullo overdoes it with detail and draws more like mcfarlane than anything. Yeah I can see why they compare you to him cause you mixed up comic with cartoonish characteristics. I don’t think your work looks anything like his though. Good stuff.

hey rabid what the hell are you talking about? the car lead off the page what? maybe its because i want to keep the action moving towards the right page so you keep flipping. and until you repost that one colored pencil piece for me im not listening to you. you know the husky buff guy pic.

panel 3. the car would work better if it led the eye to panel 4.

the whole page would flow better. but what do i know right?

i can agree with everyone else. its drawn well, but isnt very interesting right now. good point made with everything the same size.

actually i really like this. i don’t see the capullo myself, i see more european influences.

anyhow, the only crit i have, is that the backgrounds might have a bit too much detail. i think that might detract from the storytelling you’ve got going on here. with the amount of detail you’ve got, it makes me more want to sit down and look at each panel individually instead of as a story. other than that i think it works really well.

as for the repetition of panel sizes i don’t think there’s a problem. it looks fine to me, this is only one page of the story afterall.

i would imagine this is being published? i thought you said something about that somewhere. what company. just judging by the style of your work i’d say Dark Horse of DC.

anyhow, very cool, would definitely like to see more.

ahh finally someone with a good eye. yakuzapunk i love european comics! guys like mobius and jimenez are the real deal. only blind anime ripoffs will say my stuff looks like crapullo, rabid better save himself some money and drop out of art school while he can.

It looks nice, but too much detail on the backgrounds when you are gonna cover it with sound effects and speech bubbles anyway, but I am digging the design of the character too!

very nice! But can you make your picture bigger so I can see all the details? it is kinda hard to see :frowning:

heres a detail of the backpage.

The only way for us to fully see the detail os for you to post it on a site and img tag it. Attachments aren’t going to work for that amount of detail. From what i see that is detail to the third power. Nice.

hey sweet…big fucking deal…you can draw.
i can paint, draw, sculpt, use virtually all kinds of media. if you doubt my talents, ask yakuza. he has seem most of my shit. you don’t know me. don’t start talking shit like you’re better than me. you’ve posted 4 things in like a year. so go fuck your self you one trick pony.

ooooo pen and ink…AGAIN. you go sweet. sweat that talent.


Sweet deal.

I like these pictures, I have never been a fan of wild line work or cross-hatching but they are cool. My friend says your stuff looks like the artwork from the Japanese production “Memories: Stinkbomb”. I dunno if that’s true, haven’t seen it. Good one.

Great pictures, on their own. I’m probably just retarded, however, I can’t really tell what’s going on…

Hmmm you think so little of me sigh… do you think i can only draw in pen and ink really? i’ll post some of my watercolors,oils,charcoal,life drawing, you name it i’ve done it. and i’ve done it well not the f grade shit you do. and why should i ask anyone if you are good if i dont see shit, does moving a brush around make you a good painter? fuck no. yakuza since he does everything does he suck cock too?

gammon i wanna check out some of that production art. ask your buddy if he has any pics.

heres a charcoal drawing done from life.

The Fleeting Happying of the Booger Butt

Thats a pretty damn good skull yo got there son. I like the charcoal drawing 2 but I don’t know how to do oil so its higher on my pi0mp scale.

Here’s some REALLY small images of Memories. I think my friend actually meant Cannon Fodder resembles your art, but even at that there is a VERY loose resemblance in that one face is depicted… then again that’s one picture. Your art seems much different. On another note check out all three of the Memories series, they are bad ass and hand drawn technical marvels.


Hey, Sweet where’s a good art forum?