Pandora (update) Gem Review

So does this change your mind about Pandora?

A comeback-mechanic gimmicked Gem Unit…I can dig it.

Ideally you’d want to finish a match before you have to resort to this, but in dicey situations where you’re both low on health, this could potentially turn the tide if you’re clutch enough.

wow i think ill try play around with it a little more now … and for some reason this video makes me feel like rolling Ryu

lol ryu, =p

I played someone with this gem. It was exciting. He activated it while he was cornered, so I just jumped away, but he was able to keep up and keep the pressure on because it went on for so long.

Why the hell does this gem decrease your defense by 10%, but the auto block gem doesn’t I have no idea.

Yeah those auto block/tech gems really should use up more super meter

Ew, it takes up two slots? Eh maybe ill mess around with it. But I have had week 1 pandora combos that do 700 damage that combo into the ability. So duration isn’t an issue.

This is gonna be practical when we have 5 gem slots cause in order for Pandora to be effective u need the +30% damage boost and the 40% meter usage reduction

I totally forgot about the 5 gem slots. When are they gonna release that… X_X

As far as I know, they never officially replied to that. The first gem trailer just showed five gem slots, but those were gone after that trailer. Most people believe the programmers just left it in (for whatever reason) after nerfing it to three gems maximum, but never intend to update the game. Purely speculation however.

Hmm, that’s a good point. Maybe 5 gems would be too much.