Pandora Saga Open Beta 12 a.m. 01-07-11

Just a heads up for anyone who digs Atlus, or Free To Play option-select Micro-Transaction MMOs:

Official Home of Pandora Saga - Free PvP Strategic Online Game

I’m not an MMO kind of guy, but this ish is free, by Atlus, and looks pretty freakin’ cool.

As I see it.

I don’t think Atlus has ever let down.

That is what has got me pumped!

Hopefully it’s easy to solo too. :()

As I see it.

shin megami tensei: imagine


I’m probably going to give this shit a try.


Is there a voice client for AIM, or will we need to hookup some other way, Sas?

As I see it.

Is this 12am pst or what.

I dunno. I haven’t used AIM [the program, anyways] in a long time. I usually just use to log into instant messenger programs. But hopefully this thing gets rolling.

SRK Cabal Online died off way too soon…

This loks like something that will endure, though. At.las. :slight_smile:

@Shinkuu: Ya, at 12 pst.

As I see it.

The game is developed by Rosso Index and localized for NA by Atlus.

So I don’t think the fact that Atlus is involved would really make a difference. The publisher could be absolutely amazing and transparent and listen to player ideas (most MMO publishers do listen to player ideas, they just can’t do anything about it) and it would all be for naught if Rosso just ignores all of their feedback and continues to cater to their original Malaysian audience.

but anyway the game looks like aion lite so i’m not going anywhere near it

Any first impressions?

Edit: This no longer remains valid.

Good point, I got the same feeling~

castle battles

large nation wars

=> play something with range

i guess ill give it a go when i wake up if only to see pretty graphics on my screen

Downloading right now.

Also - check out the page for the classes. 2nd tier for warriors says Gradiator. :tup: I might make one if it says it in game as well :rofl:

Edit: I hit the wall with this game at level 20. If you ain’t networking with others while playing this, you ain’t gonna get far by the time you hit level 20.

so apparently if youre on a 64-bit OS (like me) the launcher doesnt work. click play button, nothing happens.

anyone know a way to get around this? if not i guess theres nothing i can do until they patch it :frowning:

what a shame

About to register and download…
I wonder if my laptop can handle

It was the same for me. I looked at the forums, they say to restart the computer or uninstall it and install it to another folder and give it another shot. But that didn’t work for me either.

this looks promising

“Please note that Pandora Saga will be down tomorrow, January 11th, from 6:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. (Pacific Time) for maintenance. This maintenance SHOULD fix the 64-bit Windows 7 and Vista compatibility issues some of our players are experiencing when trying to log in. More information will be available tomorrow after maintenance.”

from the official forums