Pandora? less damage?

ok I use Bison + Guile.

so, in juggle, using Bison xx, and active pandora (into animation, Bison die, Guile is out)
and active Super Art (sonic hurrican) upon landing.

guess what? the damage was less, is not 15% + if you combo into it, I don’t think the System take any damage scale out from this, it should be more to it in Pandora that we don’t know about (or never mention in the system)

1st, if you do a regular Bison juggle, and call out guile to do Sonic Hurrican, the damage is like 348,
EVEN you get from launcher (regular chain into Launcher) from Guile
and call in Bison do 2 st.jab to let them fly higher, and Pandora (same, call Guile in)
and do the Super Art, the damage STILL LESS than freaking regular combo, WTF?

WHY YOU HAVE A 15% damage boost system will kill you in less than 30 sec if you don’t kill other player, and more to it, YOU COMBO INTO THAT SYSTEM (which is hard as fk btw, timing is after pandora animation recovery) YOU GET LESS DAMAGE?? WTFFFF?

I will stick with Bison and Guile, Bison is new god now, beats almost everything if they jump.
fk jump fierce, and fk neutral jump HK,

just do jump back HK, neutral jump mk/fierce, and jump MP WHOLE DAY! YEAH!

Pandora mode is a joke, and shouldn’t have been put in this game (or should be boosted to make it a valid comeback tool).

:eek: Pandora isn’t a comeback mechanic.

I thought Pandora was an comeback mechanic (or what it can be? a scrub attraction? yeah this thing so cool even I lose it make me feel cool)

so I did a combo into it, but, that is an mistake, if YOU COMBO INTO PANDORA, IT WILL GIVE YOU LESS DAMAGE?? WTF?

:eek: Pandora is a seal-the-deal mechanic designed for players who want to guarantee a match finish off of a front-loaded combo.

The goal is to spend a resource that’s, frankly, already a liability (your point character with low health) in order to get seven seconds of loops or high damage finish. You can typically work best with Pandora off of a wallbounce or floor bounce, maybe even with a very high float, but it’s very character specific with regards to what setups are available. Some characters obviously work better with it in than others.

When you combo into Pandora (the only real way to use it outside of grappler setups–at least, so far, that is), you’re supposed to have done it from a very short, very front-loaded combo. This means between two and five very hard hitting moves. Damage will still scale down–this isn’t XFactor–so it does no good if you’re doing 15% more base damage if your hits are scaled all the way down to 10% of that base. Once its activated, your goal is to either loop (some characters have EX loops that deal significant amounts of damage) or combo as quickly as you can into a super art. Even with the boost from Pandora, you will still only be able to output a certain amount of damage with the restrictions of the damage scaling and the seven seconds you have to finish your dirty work.

Pandora isn’t for comebacks. It might help in a comeback situation from time to time, but it is not specifically designed to allow a player to grasp victory from the jaws of defeat. Using Pandora requires the right setups, the right combos, and the right situational awareness in regards to how to best utilize it. I doubt the meta will ever really become Pandora heavy for an extended period of time, but how you can use it with your team I think is a point to consider when building a well-rounded team. It’s one of those “effective if you’re effective with it” tactics.

Pandora is 14% boost.

They are pretty specific in how you can combo with some characters. At the moment they feel like desperation ultras.

They still have combo limitations so you need to be creative. I have a few random Pandora combos on my YouTube. But I’ll be trying out some bison stuff. I don’t think bison has enough options in Pandora. He’s probably better for sacrificing lol. I used Pandora gems to push over 600 damage on those combos. Without it, most Pandora combos should still fall around 400 - 500

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then it shouldn’t have been even put in the game, as it adds a bit of unbalance then.

Pandora mode is what Ultra moves should’ve been like in SF4.

It’s balanced for what it is. Here are a few notes I have for making good use of it…
[]It’s 14% damage boost which I already noted.
]If you use the 30% damage increase via pandora gem, it is a multiplicative value, not an additive value. For example, a jump in fierce is 100 damage points, 14% boost from pandora bumps this up to 114; the additional gem will multiply this value by 30% to boost up to 148.2 damage points. But since the game only shows whole numbers, you’ll see 148 damage points instead, rather than thinking 100 points * 1.44 = 144 damage points.
[]If you wall bounce someone and sacrifice your point character, the next person that comes, the wall bounced character should track to your pandora character. This eliminates the distance problem people have when they raw pandora for no reason and try to mash out EX moves or Super moves that won’t connect. You’re instantly inserted in, no delay and you can perform whatever follow up if you can.
]Ground bounced characters are trickier, you will be standing a few steps back so you must try to reach the character. Same goes for juggled characters.
[*]Seek a character for Bison to wall bounce into for the best follow up combos in pandora.
Happy sacrificing!

I thought Pandora was a cinematic forfeit button!!!

Ha!! It is so far anyways.

Has anyone won with it yet? Isn’t there a trophy for winning with it 500 times or something?

I could play till I’m Oro’s age and not win 500 times with it.

I feel like it’s hard to use if for no other reason than the fact that I don’t often see people with 20% life. With most characters having combos that do 400-500 dmg you’re either alive, somewhere around half-life, or dead lol