Palomino Urban Nights #13 - Las Vegas, NV - 5/28/11

**Palomino Urban Nights #13 - Las Vegas, NV - 5/28/11 **

Date: Saturday May 28, 2011
Time: Starting at 4pm
Location: Gemini Arcade Palace, 4180 South Sandhill Road
Entry Fee: $5 each game
Venue Fee: $3 each person
Payouts for all games is 70/20/10

Mortal Kombat 9 Singles
PS3/360 (Whatever is available)
2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches, finals are 3/5
99 second time limit
Double Elimination
Use of any glitches (Ex: parry glitch) will result in a loss of that round
Use of any codes are banned
All characters except Kratos are legal

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Singles
PS3/360 (Whatever is available)
2/3 matches, finals are 3/5
99 second time limit
Double Elimination
DLC characters are legal
Winner of the previous match must keep same team members, but can switch assists

Super Street Fighter 4 2v2 Character Lock
PS3/360 (Whatever is available)
Each team member must play (A1 vs B1 = A1, A2 vs B2 = B2, A1 vs B2 = B2, Team B wins)
2/3 rounds
99 second time limit
Double Elimination
Teams can not have two of the same character

Arcana Heart 3 Singles
2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches, finals are 3/5
99 second time limit
Double Elimination

Event is BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller)

Event will be streamed courtesy of Top Tier Gaming!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via PM or at

Looks like a good lineup as usual. Character lock is a surprise but not a problem haha. I’ll be there for sure.

And as far as commentating goes I can help out, and TaiwanNinja volunteers as well. We can guarantee you hype haha.

so if i would use random select for teams, would that character be locked or random select.

Just to clarify, character lock means that you and your teammate each pick a character (both different) and must use that character for the entire tournament. If you use random select, then you must keep the character that it randomly selects for you in your first match for the rest of the tournament.

Just reposing here that ill be bringing the arcana setup and maybe super as well if Shira ever gets me my box back lol. Also just wanna say thanks to Macc for putting some faith in AH.

I can bring an extra setup or either Super or Arcana if need be. If not we could always just use it for casuals or something.

Ill do some commentating for any of the games on stream as well and as a rich russian would say “I take all of theeiss yes” hopefully cross waters is there so we can team up again

do you know if archer is going early again ill need some warm up on arcana or are you two having a get together the day before?

Yeah ill be there early as always and if youre looking for arcana practice paine does gatherings around every 2 weeks, just text me and ill let ya know when the next one is.

yeah paine has been tryin to get me over there but no car is hard for me to get out there

Sub Zero freeze glitch legal?? It’s not exactly game breaking and can serve a strategic purpose.

This is going to be up for debate for now considering that this can lead to some nasty unblockable mix ups which can then lead to about 50+% meterless damage and 60+% damage with a X-Ray. My official verdict for now will be if that MK9 patch does drop as it is suppose to on 5/19 and does fix this glitch then it will be illegal. If it does not fix the glitch then it will be legal. This is ONLY if the patch comes out. If the patch does not drop before the tournament date, I will decide on the day of the tournament whether to make it legal or not.

what glitch is that?

IL do commentating only for super and not anything else.

Prob only going to enter in super anyways-.- …

Super is going to be streamed right? Last time it was just MvC3 if I recall.

The current plan with the stream is to always give the most stream time to the newest game. So most of the stream time will be going to MK9 this time around. Although I do want to get the finals for each game up on the stream if possible.

Alright cool. Having the finals of each game would be great. Semis/finals would be godlike.
Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Just to clarify, this is an all ages event right? Or just an 18+ event?

All ages