Palette Suggestion Thread

Yeah. Let’s not clog the main thread w/ “omg put <reference color> in plz!!`1~”.

Do that here. Also, read this:


Ms Fortune
Joy Mech Fight(any of the 36 characters)

Bringing this out of the thread

In Mario Party 3 there was the Duel Mode where Princess Daisy main partner was a Snifit.

Parasoul - Princess Daisy
Soldiers[SIZE=15px][FONT=Helvetica] - Snifits[/FONT][/SIZE]


Fantasia Mickey for Peacock. You’ll probably have to nix the stars, but a blue hat and red outfit will be close enough. And the presence of this will guarantee my eternal love for Laboratories of the Reverge variety.

Blue hat/white button section on the front. Red dress. Black bow. Black arms. White gloves. Black hair. <3

Peacock should have a spiral palette!

Farah from Tales of Eternia for Squiggly. She uses Kung-Fu or some martial art like it as Squiggly is rumoured to do and the outfits are similar enough to work I think.


To add along all the easter eggs / references in Peacock some of her colors could be based on different characters from a cartoon series -as in her different projectiles / cartoon friends are colored as an ensemble from a show such as


[/details]looney toons,


hr pufnstuf


Personally would like to see a Baroness alt for Parasoul.


How about a Madoka palette for Filia

But let Samson be Kyuubey! With the full white body and red eyes.


That site doesn’t allow hotlinking.

Dunno, if flashing palettes are allowed on your engine.



As for Spiral palette for Peacock. No, lets wait for a character that plays closer to a character like spiral.

I may look into starting a palette contest of some kind… but for original palettes.

At the very least, I may look into providing templates so people can do more than just spew names of reference palettes. The palette request business has gotten a little out-of-hand, and it might help if takes more effort than just typing something.

For example, someone on NeoGAF posted this:


I think if you think something will look good on our characters, I don’t think it’s too much to ask to show us why.


This would be super cool. Of course, if you do this you might want to limit how many ideas a person can send in; you don’t wanna get overwhelmed by someone sending in 20+ ideas for a single character.

I like this Idea.

Yeah I loved recoloring Parasoul so I’m all for that.

If I wasn’t kneedeep in school work and other things I’d have made many more.

I think I will anyway.

Little Lulu for Peacock.


I am all for that idea. That’s actually much better than having all of us spout insert random character palette here for an idea. I might be able to make that musclebob buffpants palette I suggested for Cerabella a while ago.

You betcha. I’d be happy to take a stab or two. If you could post up an image of each character that delineates each modifiable section of their body/outfit that’d help a bunch.

I’d love some templates to play around with. It would be nicer than the well of pics and suggestions we have thus far.