Pakistani doctor who led U.S. to Bin Laden's hideout is jailed for 33 YEARS (for treason)

what wonderful allies Pakistan turned out to be.


Sold his country out. Sounds like treason to me.

33 years for TREASON? That’s usually a death sentence is it not?

In awful third world countries like Pakistan, probably.

Fuck this planet, I’m going to space.


Lol, almost every person convicted of treason here in the USA has been given the death sentence.

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(Removed not-so-obligatory comment about a Christian not having his facts straight) Out of the 7 people convicted of treason since 1900, 1 of them was killed, 2 were pardoned, the rest of them served prison sentences ranging from just 12 years to life

Before 1900 I doubt we could even call ourselves a “developed nation” and aside from the 1 person we did kill, every single one that we killed was before 1900.

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lol wut? treason is a death sentence in america. where you been bruh?

Why didn’t we give him asylum immediately? It’s not like we didn’t know this was coming. The guy is a hero

He was talking about after 1900. He even said that multiple time. How is your posting 2 links for executions happening before that time worth mentioning?

I’ve been researching.

Reread my post. When did I say anything about post 1900 convictions? I simply stated that most of the people convicted of treason in the United States, the when being irrelevant, have been killed and you have the audacity to say I don’t have my facts straight? The shot at Christianity was completely uncalled for by the way.

anddd i learned sumtin today lol. guess i need to get my public enemy on and…