Painting my project box... It's important that it's perfect before paint :\

so all the imperfections will show up when you paint… This is after 2 coats of wood primer, (light to moderate) and then 3-4 coats of glossy enamel paint by rust-o-leum. It’s a little rough, but I’d say, I got about 3-4 more coats before I start wet sanding the bastard, and then a few coats of clear to get a mirror finish… Learning so much as I go along… following some youtube tutorials, and learning what needs to be done, and mistakes I’ve made, and why I need to wet sand, and the grit matters depending on the imperfections…

While, this is technically a “project”, and technically a “box”, a “project box” in the arcade stick community means something else entirely.

A “project box” in these areas usually refers to a disconnectable small box with a PCB inside, so that you can swap the “guts” to your arcade stick to suit various needs (different consoles, etc). There are many different implementations of this sort of thing done for arcade sticks.

The term you’re looking for in this situation is “custom casing”. :slight_smile:

Alright a little update! This would be my 3rd can, and I’m almost done with it again! But this is just to fix the paint, and to prep it for clear! (wet sanded a little imperfection, and reapplied base coat) Here it is before the clear!

here is the first coat of clear!

so far I have 2 coats of clear on.

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