Paint.Net Stick Art Templates

**(I posted this on the "Compete TE/SE template thread at first… Then deleted it. I wanted it to be more readily available search fodder.)

Hello All!

I, like many others, do not own Photoshop CS3, CS4, OR CSI!

I run the almost alone, until I purchase P.S. So, that being said, opening .psd can prove to be a tough go at times. (Albeit, does have a Photoshop plugin for opening .psd’s. But man, is it taxing on your system!

I have taken the Madcatz templates and converted them to .pdn’s (or files, to be used just like the other ones!
They function pretty much the same.


TE Template – TE Template

SE Template – SE Template

<<These are just the first two. I plan to do this with all of the art templates.>>

Another One:

Mayflash Template– (Now separated into layers) – Mayflash Temp