Paewang Arcade Stick Custom Art - What are your suggestions/critics on this?

So, I’ve managed, with some help of a friend of mine, to get this:

What are your impressions? Do you like it? I wanted to use Wolverine and Spiderman in the art, but since both are from Marvel, and I mainly use Ryu on SF4, I thought it would be ok to include him, since the main characters from MvC3 are Wolvy and Ryu anyway.

Since I’ve bought red and yellow OBSN-30s and a red ball top, I needed to fit some yellow in the design. Red was straighforward from Spidey’s costume, and I thought some yellow would come from Wolverine, but blue became the more predominant color really fast. So we chose to stick with a yellow background, and paint the stick blue.

Again, what do you think?

edit: new version with little improved alignment:

Oh Great But What Plataform Is It?

I like it, but would have gone for transparent or a more contrasting colour for the buttons, otherwise you have too much colour from that spectrum