Pad With Sticks

Are there any other fightpads with sticks as opposed to d-pads? I know PDP has a stick, but I dunno if there are any other.

Sounds like you don’t really want the PDP pad, so I’ll just reinforce that by saying I have one and don’t like it. I had hopes it would really increase my gameplay potential but the 6 button layout just doesn’t seem to work well with a single thumb, and holding it with that “claw” method some people recommend sucked as I have large hands. I’ve also read in a few places about buttons going bad after a couple months? The clickly stick is nice, but I found some combos hard to do from certain directions, probably just lack of practice though.

I eventually just upgraded to a fightstick (Hori Fighting Stick V3, with a Sanwa JLF/OBSF-30s) and so far I am loving it. If you haven’t used a fightstick I would recommend just going to that; however, if you’re really into pads good luck on your search.

Wow, it look me a while to figure out what the OP wanted. I was originally like “A pad with stick? If it’s a pad, it’s not a stick; if it’s a stick, its not a pad…”

Anyhow, if I’m not mistaken, you’re looking to know if there’s any fighting-game-oriented controller that has a thumbstick instead of a directional-pad. That being said, I don’t think that really exists, but I could be wrong.

You mean like the Neo Geo Pocket? That’d be pretty neat on a 6 button pad.

Which is closer to playing with a normal gamepad(using the thumbstick, not the d-pad)- a fightstick or a fightpad? I actually have not used either yet, but I’m thinking of getting one or the other. I’ve though of getting a fightpad with a d-pad, but I dunno if it plays like a thumbstick.

Controller like this?

No, more like:

I had that game pad, its a nice hybrid between SNES and PS1 Pads

You mean pads with a Xbox 360 Thumb pad/ D-pad layout?
There area a number of 3rd party pads like that and all are trash (with one or two exceptions)

youre better off saving for a stick, like @darksakul said they all suck but i happen to like the pdp one.

Neo Geo USB Pad.