Pad Ibuki

i’m gonna be “that guy” for a moment, pretty much freebuki incarnate… but i’m kind of at a crossroads.

in general for fighting games i have been a pad player. it’s just been a personal preference and i’ve never felt comfortable with a fight stick even after extended periods of time.

in fighting games though, AE especially, I have been having a LOT of trouble getting used to playing Ibuki on pad… she was my main in 3S and generally I was pretty comfortable using her then. I understand 3S and AE are very different games, but I’m really screwing up the simplest of inputs. i can’t do U1 consistently and it’s embarrassing. it’s mostly the inputs that have been messing with me. dp motions are a matter of mashing and praying to me.

aside from lots and lots of practice, any other pad ibuki players know any ways to improve my inputs?

There is no easy way, just constant practice.

I don’t even play on the pad and I was messing around the other day on it and was doing everything no problem within a couple minutes. So it might not be the pad that’s the issue right now, just your overall knowledge of how the actual motions are supposed to be done.

yea agreed with littlesushi i had dis problem when i first started just practiced nothin else to it bout 2 hours a day then finnaly its just muscle memory

I know what you mean about Ultra I. I can SJC it, but I can’t ever get it to come our on it’s own. They did something to the inputs (and this isn’t in the Arcades) which makes it strangely difficult. Generally speaking, the biggest (and only) issue you’ll have is the button format. If you have a 6-Button Pad then it’s all good (preferably the Sega Saturn pads), but if have a 4-Button Pad then you might be using the 3P/K buttons to hit your EX Special Moves.

Because of the way you hold the controller, switching between hitting two face buttons, and using a shoulder button, will only slow you down. If you use the 3P/K buttons you’ll accidentally get an Ultra Combo when you’re trying to get a reversal between hits.

Other than that, motions should be easier. You can do them faster on a pad than you ever can on a standard joystick.

I did Viper Pad on SFIV. It is just rough tho but you gotta do SJC so fast and your thumb just limits you.
But it can be done. I would say use a analog maybe to help out there.

I’d much rather make a small movement with my thumb than a large movement with my whole hand ww;

I play pad Ibuki. I can also play stick Ibuki, but since my stick execution is bad (apart from plinking), I still prefer pad Ibuki. Playing on whatever controller is certainly possible, as long as you practice enough.

Same here. I did the same thing. I just suggested the alternative.
I went the hard ass pad route for Viper.