Pad Hacking media remotes?

While i was out looking for cheap PCB’s to use for the 360 and PS3 I suddenly thought about the use of media remotes for cheap wireless PCB’s. I have a PS3 Bluray remote and all the inputs register in SF4 as if it was just a regular controller. One of these remotes costs half as much as a wireless sixaxis, with all the buttons and bluetooth. The 360 media remote costs only $20, $5 less than the wired mad catz controller and is wireless.

Now I don’t really plan on opening up my remote to check for hackability, but am entertaining the idea to people out there with more knowledge about these peripherals.

The 360 remote won’t work, can’t be used during games. The buttons are labeled A,B,X, and Y, but they only work for menu navigation.

Also doesn’t have triggers or bumper buttons.

  • If the PS3 one registers in all of the games, it might work. Might even be able to cut down unneeded parts to make it smaller for inside a case.