Pad Akuma's where you at?

I’m pretty much a beginner at this game but I’m sticking with Akuma. Will I have any setbacks because I’m playing him on pad? (Executing the vortex, OS’s and stuff like that)

Also can you guys tell me your stats like PP&BP

Thanks alot…

No. Just stick with it.

xbox wired controller here

I guess you can do everything except kara demons with a pad. Plinking will be more difficult tho.

edit Hell you can probably even do a kara demon but it’s a nightmare on pad.

i also play a pad akuma any of u down to play a set let me know.

The only thing u’ll have trouble with is xx Demon but u can use C.rh xx demon instead i suppose - its not impossible just really awkward.
Everything else u can do np.

The main advantage of stick is that you can push any button at will, any combinaison of punch/kick easterly but most of all :
Pushing those buttons don’t affect what you do with the other hand unlike a pad where every movement of a hand have to be countered by the other to keep the pad stable.

I used to play before when AE came out and i stopped till a month ago. I play on pad and my mains are Ryu, Akuma, And Cody [Used to main akuma, started since i came back, cody is new]

I play on a pad and most of my friends i endless with have sticks and i have no problem keeping up. Most of the advanced combos plinking helps with and the other things sticks help with dont really matter that early.

I can beat stick players no problem and i also lose to pad players. I will say i am buying a stick and am pumped to because most of the combos I dont use are because i cannot plink/kara throw/kara demon on controlers but dont let the interface discoutrage your.

TLDR: If you enjoy the game and have the money for it I would get a stick if the money doesn’t concern you. If not a pad is just fine. Yes sticks have advantages but pad players can keep up just fine [although ignoring money i would rock a stick any day but im a college student so i get it if cash is tight].

I used to play pad, but find I’m far better on stick now. but then you’ll see ppl at tournaments using pads
you say pad, but the pad itself matters too. like… the ps3 one is better than the xbox one, and that 6 button pad is sort of between the 2 for quality, but it has 6 buttons
you will find karas and plinking a veritable bitch on normal pads though. just remember kara demons can be cut down to 3 inputs

PPP -> PPP -> forward + sLK + sHP is how I do the overhead chop demons
cMK + cLP -> cMK + cLP -> backward + cLK + cHP is how I do the crouching sweep demons fast enough

I use the controller. The only thing I ever have problems with is kara throwing (which might not be as important because of his walk speed imo) and xx Demon. Plinking isn’t necessary for me.

kara demon is fine on pad just takes practice. xx demon on default configuration is nigh impossible u should use instead. kara throwing is fine and the only plink i use is HP - LK Tatsu - HK~MK+LK (MK and LK together) for ground tatsu sweep.
Ive got about 2.5k PP since im going for the C to Shining C achievement.
20,001 BP (2nd in the world, 1st in North America) BOW TO ME :smiley: