Pacquiao fight/sf4 tourney results

had a total of 11 entrants in the tourney.

1: Alexman
2: Lagade
3: Gayboi
4: Mr. Wow
5: Dawoo
5: Repulse
7: Maggots
7: Maro_M
9: EvoVIII
9: Aidsrian
9: DJMasters

shit was fun. that pacquiao fight was hype! so were the grand finals between alex and lagade.

thanks to everyone for coming! ggs to all during casuals

sorry DJMasters i couldnt make it
i freaking got sick when i was at codys house…freaking hella cold :frowning:
well it was my fault for not bringing a jacket…o well

It was good. Hope I see you guys at other tourneys.

thanks for coming all the way down! more people said they would show up but you know how that goes. hahaha

in other words, it was really fun last night. we had some nice setups and some fun casuals. tbh, im kinda glad alot of people didnt show up. i dont think the layout of the hosue could have supported anymore people. I had the garage setup for the bulk of the people that were supposed to come.

round 2 anyone? mayweather vs pacquiao/sf4 tourney? haha lets hope!

oh shit good shit alexman and lagade!

sdt! :smiley: