Pacific Northwest Majors AVs- Help us Rep

If you want to help us out in the PNW Region, or just want a generally nice AV, we have a pretty large variety to choose from. Our tournament is going to be on June 28th and if you would like to help support us, you can put this as your avatar.

Most are non-premium size, but their are one or two big ones, and if people want more, we could probably make one for you personally at any size you request. Just ask and we will see if we can get one to you.

This is just a way of seeing if anyone might like to help us out. If you want an AV, just click on it and it will take you to the source page where you can download it. Thanks for looking.

Hope to see you at Pacific Northwest Majors. :tup:

Mechanica’s AVs- : Ryu : Sentinel : Roll : Magento Juggernaut : Cable : T. Hawk : Chun Li : Boxer [Premium Size] : Dictator

Shadowless’ AVs- : Akuma/Ryu/Ken : Ibuki : Mega Man/ Tron : Makoto : Q : Remy : Sentinel : Roll 1 : Roll 2

Here is the text in a photoshop file for any who wants to make their own.

First Post updated so that the AVs show.

If anyone wants one of their own, just ask and we can make you one with a character of your choice.