Pabloz carpoolers heading to Winter Showdown

Yoz. For those heading to Portland this Saturday in Pablo’s van, we should start planning ahead. We’re packing quite a few people into a single vehicle on Saturday. It’s not quite a Mexican style clown car, but it might very well get ugly. Please bring a stick of deodorant as the day will run long.:china:

Since [I believe that] none of us are registered for CvS2 or T5, Pablo and I were talking about shooting for an 11AM departure time. Pablo had talked about possibly picking everyone up, but I fear that each stop might see further delays caused by individual tardiness. Furthermore, we’re relatively scattered. Brian lives in Everett, Nate on the eastside, and Julian to the southeast.

I think it would be better for everyone to drive/carpool over to his place. In such a scenario, people would be responsible for getting themselves there, and individual tardiness wouldn’t be compounded to slow the group down.

If this is satisfactory, I’ll try to get in touch with Brian and zass to see if we can carpool, since we’re coming from the north end. Do you all think that you can find your way to Pablo’s by 11AM on Saturday?

Should we get one of those Styrofoam coolers and fill it with soda and Redbull?

Um. Isn’t Pablo registered for both CvS2 AND T5?

Last I heard, he’s decided not to enter those two events. Like a true American, Pablo’s main passion is Marvel. We’re trekking down with a bunch of ST players as well, and there is limited interest in the first two tournaments of the day. For that reason, leaving Seattle at 11AM is far better than having to take off at 7 or 8AM.

I hope answering that question doesn’t take the thread off topic.

This is who I am taking down and confirmed:

Nate Montes
Sir Julius Beasley
Julius Blaze
Keith “I don’t shut the fuck up while playing marvel” Hwang
"The Asian Sensation" Brian Ma
Pablo “El Gwopo” Basilio

I could potentially bring one more person down, but I really don’t want to push it. Keith and Nate alone weigh more than your average pro wrestling tag team. We also won’t be entering any games likes CVS2, T5, or guilty queer. That is why anyone we bring is primarily ST/Marvel oriented. I apologize to any others who I could have potentially taken down with me.

I was thinking Brian pick up keith, and then pick up Seattle’s King of ST, Sir Julius, and then head to mi casa. Could Nate and Just Blaze get to my house on their own? Bellevue is a little out of the way, but I could pick up Julius Blaze if need be.

Keith, I request you get in contact with some of these people on my behalf. Finals are taking up a lot of my time.

Don’t attach my last name to… that.

I’ll make some calls today. I’m playing Marvel in the morning with Dan “I can’t get around Commando” Hwang, and possibly another Marvel session in the evening. But I’ll get around to it within the next 24 hours or so. Should I ask that everyone get to your house by 11AM?

sounds good to me, i might just bus it down to Pablo’s if neccesary

edit: id still wnana get there early though, for warmups. we cannot ignore the importance of warmups.

Julian said that he would call you on Friday to figure out whether he’s gonna go to your place, or if you could pick him up. Julian will also call Nate, since I don’t have Nate’s number. Beasley is cool with either driving to your place or carpooling. I can’t get a hold of Brian, I’m guessing that his phone is off during the work day. I’ll try to get a hold of Brian tonight and work out the carpooling details.

let me come with you guys!

That’s up to Pabloz. However, I’m of the opinion that 6 guys (3 of them morbidly obese*) makes for a really full car. One more could possibly transform the car’s scent into a biohazard. One possibility is to get a hold of MyNameisPaulLee, I think he still has 2 or more seats in his car available.

*I’m counting myself among the Texas-sized individuals.

So the plan stays as is, no changes. I suggest everyone bring some food, and change of pants once Nate pulls off some godly gief tactics. We may stop at Denny’s/IHOP on the way back to regain some much needed calories.

Hopefully Mandel can get the day off for complete ownage.

Yes, Seattle desperately needs tha Deezo for the 5v5.

Pablo or Mechanica (in place of JTM)

You’re not playing in it?

Props to Pabloz for driving me in his car and muscling it PAST the shell station when we had been running on “E” with the “PULL THE FUCK OVER AND GET GAS” light on for at LEAST half an hour in Olympia…for no other reason than to show how buff he is…:rolleyes:

Fake Gas/Food/Lodging signs and roundabouts p0wned Team Seattle last night.

Oh, and that Denny’s waitress was hilarious. In a sassy way, as opposed to a mean spirited or poor service kinda way.

Airthrow: Excuse me, may I have–
Waitress: No.
Airthrow:. . . .
Waitress: That’s real talk.

Which is why I treated that ho to a classy 1.73 tip (it made my entire check 10.00 even). :karate:

Was that $20 just from you?

No. My bill was $5.99, and I paid with 2x $5 bills plus whatever change was left over from the day’s vending machine runs. I think Nate was the generous one that morning.

I like how you guys comment on females when they are standing RIGHT BEHIND YOU. I found it hilarious.

Hey, wasn’t me. I only talk to women when I’m facing them. Occasionally when I’m behind them as well. But then, it’s usually to ask questions–questions about their lineage.