PA Ultimate Fighters Challenge 11/14

1608 N main ave
Scranton PA 18508

Is proud to present:

Hey everyone,

We haven’t done one of these in awhile so with the news of Street Fighter 4 I thought it might be a good time. lets so Who really is the best fighting game player.

Wed Nov 14th 5:00

Sf3rd Strike
Soul Calibur 3
Guilty Gear AC
Naruto 4

With entrace you get into every tournament double elimination.
each player will receive the following points for placing in each tournament


The two people with the most points will win CASH

This should be fun

I hope to do decent in GG and Naruto


What if you only play/care about one of those games :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you have a local sizeable crowd you know plays every game competitively (in which case you aren’t going to attract many out-of-town people anyway cos those games are so different), these things are always a bad idea.

Having an all-Capcom tpurney would make more sense, but still silly.

You guys ran a nice one earlier this year, right? (only hiccup being some CRT TVs were randomly laggy) – you should prob just keep it as it was.

lol I just noticed it’s the middle of the week

We have a local group of 10 or so people that play all of the games so we always have fun with these, I just posted it on here in case someone might be interested