P360, SIXAXIS and Round Edge Treatments

Does anyone know off-hand if the SIXAXIS has a suitable voltage point for the P360? I’ve seen some posts hacking the pad but my multimeter is coughing up junk. I haven’t touched any of the newly manufactured P360s - I’m assuming that it still needs 5V.

Also, what would be a good way to round out corners on a wooden stick box? I suppose you can just sand the living hell out of it, but I have a feeling that doing something like that is a huge waste of time. :wonder:

Brydo made one using the Sanwa Flash and it works fine, so…

Yeah, I read that a couple people took the thing apart and it looked fairly simple. But I don’t know if anyone tried a P360 - I’m worried the thing might start flipping out like it did with a DualShock 2.

use a router with a “roundover” bit, it’s how the pro’s come out with smooth sexy rounded edges. If you don’t have a router INVEST!!


Well, it’s been said that the router would be one of the most important tools in stick building next to a table saw (and maybe a dremel :wasted:). I guess I’ll look into it.

What about the 5V point on the SIXAXIS? I don’t know if anyone here experimented with the pad at any length (past the pad hacking post).