P360 orientation

I am ready to install my happ p360, and I’m a little confused as to which way the assembly is supposed to sit, in order to have UDLR be where they should be, and to not accidentally install it upside down, or at a 90 degree angle.

On the instruction sheet, it says install with the terminals to the players right.

The terminals are on the corner of my assembly, so there are two ways I can turn it with the terminals still being on the right.

I have looked at a few pictures of installed p360s:

one from this post:

and one at this site:

In both of those images, it shows the terminals at what would be the players lower right, but I noticed that the mounting plate is longer vertically in those pictures. With the unit I have, the mounting plate is longer horizontally when i put the terminals to the players lower right. Has happ changed the design of the mounting plate / housing assembly, or is mine just a fluke? I know the pictures are tough to get a good look at, but I am certain my mounting plate is differently shaped / placed.

Now to rephrase my question, should I trust the location of the terminals, or the orientation of the mounting plate?

I don’t want to do trial and error, because my box is going to be fairly tight for space, and I need to router out the shape of the mounting plate to get it to sit flush and solid, also the last thing I want is to accidentally cross a wire while I’m holding a half assembled joystick and burn my controller port fuse again, or some circuit on my PCB.

Toodles is going to post and tell you to buy a multimeter. It’s always tough love from him. :bgrin:

well if you have one of the new happ versions of the P360 then its orientation is very homosexual.

EDIT: ok, ok, jokes aside here is what the happ site says, http://happcontrols.com/joysticks/50608300x.htm

and if that for some reason isn’t correct you should use quick disconnects so you can easily reconnect the wires. that is unless putting the 5v line in the wrong terminal cause your stick to explode! :looney:

yea the diagrams i have seen say which terminal is which, but i cant figure out which way the stick needs to tilt to activate each direction. The quick connects are a good idea though, I hadn’t thought of that, I guess even if I install it upside down, i can just rearrange the connections to make it right, thanks.

You should buy a…


Alright, I’ll make it easy on you. The instruction PDF says the terminals should be at the players RIGHT.

Everything else is automagic as long as you do that. If the player pressed Up, the part of the stick under the panel will go down and expose the upper LEDs to the sensor, and the terminal labelled Up will go low voltage like it should. If you had X ray vision, as the player playing on the stick looking through the wood to the terminals on the bottom of the stick, they should be on your right hand side.

The Ground and +5v wires (the long black and red ones) are the two you want to make sure are done right. Once those are connected in place, you can pull out and rearrainge the four direction signal wires all you want without and worry about hurting things.