P2P Matchmaking right now/setup

hopefully this can be stickied.

Make your matches here, post if you’re ready to play right now, or want to play someone and schedule it.

gogogo :tup:

Lets play magneto, discuss it in godsweapon

lol i been switching from godweapon to p2p all day, ill be hosting dont worry i dont think anyone will join -_-

I don’t know how to join.

The only way P2P has ever worked for me is with hamachi where I see their IP, copy and paste that particular one, and then put it in p2p for it to work. I have no clue of any other method since no other method has worked for me.


that one doesnt work for you? its the newest, and by far easiest. i think if we used different ones it will desynch.

with that one, all you have to do is click public and i can see you.

hmm, public? I’ve tried clicking around this program and haven’t seen public yet. I see on the right hand side “Client, p2p, and playback”. I tried clicking on everything, haven’t seen public yet

my bad, was in game.

but yea click p2p, then host, then you have the option to make it public. if you dont click that, then you will have to give ur IP. im done for tonight ill catch u on tomorrow though.