P2P Matches Okai Recorder/NFBA

There?s probably some other thread but all well. But I thought it would better to let people download the KREC file to watch. They’re much smaller to upload/download and plop into the “records” folder, rather than having to upload a crazy sized file on YouTube. Just download the file and put it in “records” folder in main directory you have NFBA installed. Start NFBA and start the Kaillera client and select “Player” in the drop box in the upper right hand corner. Unfortunately, the playback does not allow you to rewind. To fast forward, press the F1 button.

For those who don’t have the “okai recorder” zip or the Febuary 11 kaillera P2P client.


Go to any of the free file hosting site to upload like:



1P frozen custard butterburger aka zerogunner vs 2P Said3s

I know not the greatest gameplay in the world but some decent stuff. I’ll post some more as soon as I play some more matches. Purpose is to have all of us post some of our matches. Cus I know we all like watching each other get owned or owning. Enjoy.

Edit: Another match

1P “Akuma” vs 2P frozen custard butterburger

Another match from today:

1P ‘Zero’ vs 2P zerogunner

Edit - Another match:

1P aiy1tm vs 2P frozen custard butterburger

1P aiy1tm vs 2P frozen custard butterburger - a couple of matches before the game froze.

Another match:

1P NNNN (UR) vs 2P frozen custard butterburger (RYU)

Edit: Just found out you can fast forward. F1 through F4 are fast forward functions.

I watched your match with Said3s because I like seeing him lose. I wasn’t disappointed.

More seriously, I like what you are trying to encourage and I hope it catches on and people start getting some quality replays up.

djfrijoles giving me the business with Gief and Sim


LOL I didn’t know you were recording. Man these aren’t the greatest of matches because the connection was kinda bad AND my jab button broke during teh match
but I guess they are decent enough.

I guess I’ll play this game too. I’ll put some of my better matches up when I get home from work.

I have a cool Super Sundays match against Ethotheng. You can see my 720’s beat out his SPD’s which looks hella cool. His SPD’s go through the start up and then the 720 just eats it up.

Sup, Dj?, hey, send me those videos man, im still waiting for them, damn bro those were some good matches. peace.

People should be uploading all of the matches from the tournaments…

From a match today. Only one so far worth putting up. All the others were with people far away so the connection was bad:

1P xsonicc vs 2P frozen custard butterburger


a long set vs nica ko

Here they are brotha.

My dumb ass only recorded the rematch doh

Gonna add you to my IM for your get back.

Match with p2poo:

1P frozen custard butterburger vs 2p p2poo


1P frozen custard butterburger vs 2P sleepwalker

This thread is a great idea! Ill be sure to place some of my p2p hugo vid’s

zerogunner is the man…

How do I initiate and stop the recording process? Can that even be done at will or do I have to start it before the game begins and record the whole set? Thanks.

it records the entire set.

how do you view krec files?

Go to ‘play on kaillera’ (or play via kaillera, forget the exact name). It should be in P2P mode by default. Click the drop down button and select player. Make sure the krec files are in the records folder.

First match of the day:

1P Suleman vs 2P frozen custard butterburger

Another match:

1P polpot vs 2P frozen custard butterburger