P-LAY Cards & Games Weekly MvC3 tourney - Long Beach, California - Every Sunday

Hey guys, my buddy just opened a card and gaming shop and he wants to run some Marvel vs capcom 3 tournaments. The place is also a card game store, so if you play Yu-gi-Oh or Magic, feel free to bring that stuff too.

Before I continue too much, keep in mind that this is the first tournament we are running at this place, so we have no idea what systems people will want, what turn out will be, etc. We apologize in advance for any issues this may cause. But we will run these tournaments as is, and see how things goes as time goes on, and we will do our best to accomadate any requests that need to be made.

Address: 2060 Santa Fe, Long Beach, CA, 90810
Phone: 310-987-1384 - the guy whose running is named Vince
Parking: In the parking lot/park across the street.
Website: Home

Game: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (patched)
Standard rules:
99 seconds, Default/normal damage, all characters allowed (shuma and jill are NOT AVAILIABLE), no zero shadow snap out game breaking glitch. All in all, standard rules used at majors (so like dhc damage scale reset trick is OKAY!). Disputes to be handled by tournament organizer (though there shouldn?t be any).

System used and Priority:
-This is going to take some explaining, but I want to make this very very very very clear, so please read this carefully.

-The tournament will be on BOTH 360 and PS3, however, we will be imposing a system priority for the 360 rule to help with disputes. This means that in the situation where 1 player wants to play 360 and 1 player wants to play ps3 and they are playing against each other, the 360 WILL BE THE SYSTEM PLAYED ON. Make sure to bring your 360 stick/controller just incase!!!

Tournament rules:
-2 / 3 games, Double elimination. 3 / 5 games for grand finals only.
-32 bracket MAXIMUM
-$5 dollars buy in.
-Pot split is 60% 1st, 20% 2nd, 20% goes to the house!
-Tournament sign ups start a 3pm, Tournament starts at 4
-Winner must keep characters and assist, loser can change anything.
-Simple mode Banned
-Turbo Banned
-Macros allowed
-Button mapping allowed
-No refunds once tournament has started.

Other stuff:
-BRING YOUR OWN STICK - he only has default pads there, so if you use a stick, BRING ONE! (Keep an eye on which system is priority for that day).
-Don?t be an idiot, don?t be rude, etc. It?s not a huge place, so be careful, and be mindful that other kinds of gaming may be going on (table top, card games, etc.)
-Store owner/tournament director?s decision is final on any issue.

No street fighter?