P-Cammy vs K-Cammy

I’ve played K-Cammy for most of the time i played cvs2 competitively, and I was trying out P-Cammy recently, and found her to be amazing in that groove too. Which one do you guys think is better? I made a run down of the basic pros and cons of each groove (when compared to each other):

P: Pro, Dashing Mindgames, dash throw is insanely good for cammy, can do cross over hop after knockdown.
Con, can’t get Cammy in the right zone fast enough
K: Pro, lightning fast screen coverage
Con, can’t play dashing mind games

P: Pro, you can hold supers, and cammy is good at building bar
Con, the bar is super long, and super does very little damage.
K: Pro, you can get many in one round, Supers HURT like hell
Con, zoning and making people block stuff don’t build bar

P: Pro, all of cammy’s moves are lightning quick, which is obviously very good for parry -> fp, throw etc, or jump in parry for combos, and option select on cross up stuff.
Con timing for parry is tighter than JD (does this count as a con?)
K: Pro, JD builds bar really quickly, and most times she’s fast enough to jd -> throw, gain life when jd
Con, jump in jd doesn’t work like jump in parry. no frame advantage from jd

Both Grooves have low jump to play high/low/empty games


P: Con, no damage bonus, short guard bar
K: Pro, damage bonus 10-35% when raged, short meter

Which do you guys think is better?

Generally, K is better. At least two supers a round, less risk JDing, and you deal far more damage.

P is great if you can Parry like a fucker, but no one has been able to pull it off yet, so that tells you something.


Ino. K wins


i was just posting in response to being able to “parry like a fucker”

edit: and both p and k cammy are fucking scary :mad:

I used to play P-Cammy for the longest time (P-Cammy/Vega/2-Blanka… yes I know I’m a scrub) before switching to the far scrubbier K groove

I think P Cammy is just slightly better than K because she has safe option select parries that lead to huge damage (input parry, press fierce!) sure most other people have htem but they can’t do as much damage as Cammy does. If she guesses wrong, you block a fierce. If she guesses right, you eat huge damage!

Also you can build meter by whiffing dive kicks. That’s always good.

However no one uses P groove anyway so who cares?

Yea, i was just trying P-groove as an experiment since i’m trying to pick up 3s =p not having red parries in cvs2 blows

Ino thinks P-Cammy is by far the best Cammy, but then again Ino does have different opinions than most other Japanese players. He actually thinks P-Cammy is the 3rd best character in the game, behind A-Sak and C-Sagat. I dunno bout all that, but I do concur that P-Cammy is probably the best Cammy overall. Next best Cammy is probably a big tie between C/S/K. N-Cammy is definitely the worst.

I’ll just say this: 3 frame fierce +10 advantage up close. +9 further away. Thats most characters’ jab. P Groove takes this one

god, playing p-cammy is sucha nightmare…jumping’s too risky, and so is staying on the ground. wtf!!!