Owlboy has no relation to Owlman but looks to kick ass anyway (2D plaformer)


EDIT - New info!

Yeah saw this a few days ago, here’s hoping for a PSN release as well.

Looks amazing. I won’t have a 360 for a while, so I may have to get it on PC (just like Bastion). I hope they release it on PSN too though.

Super Mario ripoff… looks gay.

You look gay. Wanna cyber?

Owlboy looks a lot like an older game called Flink for Sega CD (Great game btw)

By the looks of this game, it is just begging to have a cult following. Indie developers will always have a home in the game industry when creative ideas like this are brought to the table.

too bad that its not coming to psn :confused:
i love 2d plataformers

This game looks really fun, reminds me of how much I still want to play Rocket Knight Adventures.

Same here.The artwork and characters looks fantastic and I’d love to be able to get it for PS3.

This looks pretty good, good thing I own both systems.

they are releasing on Xbox Live Indie Games, which means there is like zero chance of playstation release.
game looks awesome cant wait to play it

You know, I wonder if PS3’s Steam will one day support titles like this. Wasn’t that the idea?

I have a PS3, a 360, and a Mac Pro (the tower) with 8 cores and Boot Camp into Windows 7, so I’m covered, but for those with just a PS3, it sucks they’ll miss stuff like this and Bastion.

Also, suffice to say, despite all that stuff, I’m poor as fuck and spent the better part of the last 8 months pawning shit. Just to make y’all feel better 'bout yourselves. Man-moist.

Thread necro because this game ain’t dead!

How have I not heard of this game till now? Specs, you magnificent bastard.

Apparently there was a demo for the game but it’s outdated. I’ll wait for a newer demo if one is produced. Game is looking great though.

What’s the gameplay like?

Looks good, although there are some steam greenlight platformers that I think deserve more attention then Owlboy.