Overheard at EVO

Tech talk edition… Feel free to add to it!

Blind and I are checking out the tekken cabs and a helpfull youth starts talking to us:“The parts in these cabs are cheap…” then he looks at blinds tt shirt and say "oh you are the tech guys… You already know everything"

while daigo was eating: “the asians sure do like thier hot dogs”

Old guy to toodles: I didnt mind that it was a trap… She was a pretty boy…

blind: “did someone wire your stick with bare wire?”

me to random person asking if joe (blind) was blind: yes he is, I am his seeing-eye white guy

“look at all the bored girlfriends”

“OH! Hey jdm! You are the Tech Talk Librarian. Thank you so much.”

I heard that one a lot of times.

“Can I take picture of your Hello Kitty?”

Both the Balltop and my Tote Bag.

“Who here is a Modder?”

“Do you guys make Arcade Sticks?”

That was people asking at Sticks For Joy.

“You stood me up at the Tekken movie.”

That was MarkMan to me.

Haha jdm is our sexy librarian.