Overheads & Typical-Ryu Punish?

Been wondering about these moves. If I’m crouching/blocking, I’ve noticed some moves go above that and hit the head (if I’m calling these overheads and that refers to something else, be sure to correct me), and I’m just wanting to know what the best method of dealing with these are?
I use Abel primarily, meaning that medium kick is fantastic against Cammy and Ryu if it’s timed right, but just in case are there better ways of somehow exploited people’s overreliance on these moves? I’d think maybe FADC? But I’m pretty bad at executing those quickly, so that needs work anyway.

I also wanted to ask if anyone knew a good Abel combo for punishing people, especially Ryus when they fail some combos. I notice that literally every single Ryu I’ve seen online uses the exact same set of moves. Jump back at start of match, hadouken, jump in, medium punch or overhead, crouch, jab, jab, jab, try to grab, jump out, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. For some reason they ALL do Shoryukens right after getting off the ground. And don’t even get me started on Cammy… Spiralarrowspiralarrowspiralarrowjabgrabspiralarrowspiralarrowallthegoddamntimeandialwaysblockitwhydontyoubloodylearncammywhywhywhywhywhy uhh… Anyways.

Yeah. So Abel tips, and what to do about overhead moves.

Generally overheads are slow, so you really just have to react, or find out the pattern that the opponent uses them.
I dont play Abel but I know you can do - Hp xx Change of direction / Cr.Hp xx Falling Sky / just a regular command throw or Cr.Hp xx EX Wheel Kick . Assuming you mean Ryu/Cammys Cr.Mk the the best way to punish that is by baiting ( by standing just out of its reach ) and then catching it on its recovery with a sweep or maybe Abels cr.mp into something. Hope I helped , and any other questions? Also here’s the dedicated Abel thread so this is where most info on him is! http://forums.shoryuken.com/categories/abel

Any move that cannot be blocked while crouching but can be blocked while standing is an overhead. Any move that cannot be blocked while standing but can be blocked crouching is a low.

Most overheads are slower than lows, meaning you can try to block low and react high. But there’s always some level of guesswork going on. If you play against a good offensive opponent, you’re going to get hit by overheads unless you just commit to stand blocking, and then you’ll get hit low.

Do you mean Abel’s command normal f.mk? Or his s.mk? Or his cr.mk? This question is not clear at all. Are you talking about Ryu’s and Cammy’s cr.mk? Cammy doesn’t have an overhead besides her jumping attacks.

Abel’s best options to low pokes are s.lk, f.mk, cr.hk, and maybe lk wheel kick. If you’re talking about dealing with overheads, they’re slow enough that pretty much any more can hit the opponent out of a random overhead unless it’s on your wakeup.

FADC is a terrible option for dealing with both overheads (Ryu’s hits twice and he gets a combo if you focus it) and with cr.mk (Cammy can just buffer hk spiral arrow and you will always get hit by it if you focus a cr.mk. Ryu can cr.mk xx fireball and usually hit you out of your focus).

If they do an uppercut near you, cr.hp xx hp falling sky is a good simple punish from up close. F.mk xx dash -> cl.hp xx hp CoD -> followups does slightly more damage but has a 1 frame link. cr.hp -> U1, or raw U1, are the best damage.

They probably do it because it works…

If you don’t punish them hard, who’s the bigger idiot?

Do you punish the spiral arrows with a damaging combo? If not, why shouldn’t they spam it? cl.hp xx hp CoD is a great punish after blocking spiral arrow.

I’ll just answer these in order:

  • Thanks for clearing that up!

  • I meant his crouching medium kick. It’s surprisingly effective as an anti-air. And I think Cammy was doing some kind of jumping kick. I’m not sure. It just looked similar to Ryu’s overhead one, and would hit me if I was crouchblocking so, I just called it an overhead.

  • Awesome, thanks. I’ll take those to the training room.

  • Well, yeah, but the thing is, I’m surprised so many people do it 100% of the time. Sure it works against me, but they don’t know that in the first few seconds of the match. And if I do punish them for it, or simply just block it to show them that it isn’t gonna work, they’ll still do it. Endlessly. It’s more annoying than anything else. I suppose it’ll only benefit me in the long run, though. Once I get better at the game and my execution picks up, I’ll be able to use it to my advantage.

  • I know that you’re inferring it’s me, but I’m still relatively new at the game, it’s like. Like, uh. Okay, say football right. And there’s some guy that’s been playing for a month, and then some guy in goal that’s been playing for a year, regardless of tactics, the more experienced guy’s gonna win out because he’s got the learned skill to do it. I’m confident that after about a month I’ll have no problem with 90% of the Ryus I face (well, until I move up a rank, I don’t know what the higher rank ones are doing…)

  • Usually it happens like this: they do the spiral arrow. So I block, right? I try to come out the block the second that spiral arrow has started going back, but by the time I’m able to punch or something, cammy’s already on the ground doing jabs at the speed of light. I’m thinking that either jumping in and doing medium kick or just rolling might help here, but I’m not sure. Probably keep some meter for those kinds of things, ex change of direction’s armor can be really helpful, I’ve found.

Thanks for the tips. Will give that Abel area a thorough reading through!

You can’t jump at Ryu, especially as Abel. I gave you Abel’s best options against Cr.mk in my previous post.

Go into training mode with Cammy. She has an air special move, Cannon Strike, that is a divekick. It changes her jump momentum and angle. If you don’t know what move you’re asking about I can’t help you.

Learn how to beat it, beat them for doing it, and then call it a day. You can’t make someone smarter.

If you time a close fierce or low jab after a blocked spiral arrow, you can almost always interrupt or punish Cammy. You should practice punishing it in training mode (record Cammy doing different versions of spiral arrow and then blocking for an additional second).

The answer really is just to block and punish. You could even punish with reversal Tornado Throw if that’s easier for you. His command grab is 5 frames, which is fairly fast.

What? I never jump in against Ryu because of his Shoryuken. I mean, if you crouch, and do a medium kick, it works as a good anti-air attack. He does a sort of diagonal kick, and if you get the timing right you can knock most people back with it.

Looked it up, yeah, it was her Cannon Strike. That was it.

Will go to training mode for Cammy.

Thanks for the advice!

Yeah, Abel’s cr.mk is his best anti air. You can cancel it into a roll too and start offense.

Cammy’s Cannon Strike is not an overhead, by the way. Not that I think it’s a good idea to crouch block it, but you can. Cr.mk is probably your best anti air here.

After a blocked canon spike (dp) from cammy, you have enough time to dash forward and do cr.hp x falling sky. Or better dash forward, step kick ~ cl.hp x COD FADC cr.hp ~ Ultra

Here’s a good article on Abel.