Overheads and Lows

So I’ve been playing around a bit with them and I want to know something.
Is if something is an overhead or low dependent on where a hit connects or are they predetermined (meaning move x is always an overhead while y is always a low and z will never be either one)

Predetermined 99.99% of the times unless there’s some move with some whack ass properties that I don’t know of.

depends on the specifics of the game and character. Some games do have moves that change properties at certain ranges.

They’re pre-determined. Most overheads and lows are designed to be thus, although there are a few occasions where certain attacks can be used like an overhead.

For example, in ST, all jump attacks have to be blocked high with the exception of Dhalsim’s drills (essentially a dive kick). However, there are certain characters in the game that have fairly quick jump attacks that have a very low hit box. This means that it can hit certain characters, even if they’re crouching, to basically create an instant overhead, since it’s basically a jump attack that hits on the way UP.

Now these weren’t made through intentional design, but more as a result of game design and engine mechanics.

Pity that you can’t aim for different hitboxes.
Thanks for the answers.

Well, as was alluded to, there are a FEW instances where the hit area -does- matter. Yukiko’s fans in P4A, for example, can hit low if aimed appropriately (basically only possible for the air version.).

At the end of the day though, this is probably a good thing, because these games are crazy complicated as is.

Well, 3d fighting games have highs, mids, and low attacks, if you want stuff like that. 2d fighting games have the same things, but usually far less emphasis on mid attacks. Although SFxT does have some of these attacks as well.