Overall Storm technique

Itz been awhile since I quit Mag for Storm, but I can’t quite get her technique down.

I really don’t like playing rushdown w/ Storm, I prefer to play zones and act off of my opponent.
I don’t know many combos or resets, I watch strom vids all day, but I don’t see any good extensive or creative combos.

I need some help beating some rushdown maniacs.

mash st rh

There’s 2 ways of Storm.

Run Away.

Aggressive. Rushdown.

IMO anyway…

use both. Rush down will force the opponent to call their assists in most cases. Thats when you step back and hail there partners. Once they catch onto to this tactic, you now can come in and attack because they’re scared to call their assist.

storm is broken like that.

the point of her being such a great character is her versatility so if you want to be great you need to realize her attributes.

She CAN run away, she CAN rush, she CAN build meter, she CAN infinite, she CAN air combo, she CAN punish assists, she CAN utilize her assists, she CAN reset, she CAN utilize DHC’s. What am i saying? to good, use them all and know when to use them

its too easy and i dont mind writing a bit

Running away- obviously she’s the best at running away with her super high jumping abilities, air dashing and speed. at the beginning of the match you almost always want to build at least another meter, but two to be safe. that leaves you with options to bait and assist and catch em with a hailstorm, rush them down which leads to either your choice of an aircombo or DHC. if you’re going to die or need to run away, she can float and stay in the air to bait an open up for a lk. if you’re dashing back and running away all the time, thats when you want to surprise and dash fwd with a s.hk

Rush game - she’s extremely fast, her tri-lk has incredible reach and is super fast. learn to do that. realize that if you’re playing sentinel, you’ll need to use HK’s instead.

s.hk - fast and hits almost everything, abuse it and use it to catch people slippin

infinite - if you’re playing sentinel, don’t keep your mind on it but realize when theres an opening and take advantage of it.

Hailstorms - PUNISH ASSISTS. learn to dash foward to call that annoying psylocke or commando and go to hailstorm. mashing hard enough can kill an assist in like 3 hailstorms.

resets - i play a solid storm, but if you’re dying go for that reset. especially if youve been playing real solid, nobody will expect it.

DHCs - we know the sentinel one, but theres also a way to almost ensure the LS > MT seeing that magneto is one of her most popular partners this would be helpful to know. when performing the LA > LS you want to time it so you’re as close to them as possible. DHC during the last couple hits and mash like crazy. time the juggle and either infinite/reset/ or as i like to do, tag back to storm.

What makes a good player is execution, strategy, and the ability to adapt. If you stick to one style, a good player will adapt to it. So if you’re using every single good feature about the woman, then its going to be way harder to adapt. And obviously strategy derrives from the ability to use the characters moves and attributes.

i’ve had trouble with tri jump but i think i can get super jump ad/df sj.lp to work consistently, but sometimes the only way i can do it so fast is if i just mash, if i stop and think about what im doing, then the normals dont connect. like i tri ad/df lp (which connects) then i lan ddo a c.lk and it doesnt combo. or i just mash and the opponent falls to the ground so i cant launch. im think i should jsut mash and when they fall on the ground do another sj ad/df hk and go into the infinite for a few reps then launch.

well, I don’t really play Magneto, I use SScable/Santhrax/Matrix
i have tons of trouble doing the infinite (the tri-jump 1)
and I don’t know any good resets or links

I can say my storm is stuck in meter building and runaway
but otherwise good stuff tech master

almost all storm players in my place do sj.HP’s then when they have a full meter, they’re all goin for typhoonxxhail…

is that storm’s best stuff? it seems to be very effective most of the time…