I see that there’s a decent crowd for Virtual On on SRK, how about this Dreamcast arcade-style FPS?

Seems pretty simple in scope, but with room for some advanced tactics-- Rocket/Sticky Bomb Jumps, Rocket Dashes, probably a bunch of other stuff.

I understand this is playable online through a DC with a PC linkup, though I’m not sure.

Anyone play this at all?

Bump for how good random AM2 games are. Propellar Arena is godliiiiiike. DC game got canned bc it was gonna drop right around 9/11. Weak.

In all honesty, Outtrigger is basically VOOT with people with guns instead of 'Bots with guns, lets get this crackin.

Don’t play it. But I did back in the day. Fun as hell from what I remember.

I don’t play it anymore, but I was big on it when I first hit. I remember all the spammers that used Flamethrower almost exclusively and tried to keep it on the really really small maps.

I also remember how much fun I had baiting them around corners then filling them with bouncing Photon Torpedo.

I used to play it. Wished I still had that monster. Sure, the intro movie was a big mislead because I saw some espionage-ing in there. *This must be SEGA’s answer to Metal Gear, *I thought. That’s what got me hyped for Outtrigger originally, but after I realized that Outtrigger played like an arcade version of Goldeneye, or a VOOT with people(as someone said) I still loved it. They have to put this on X-Box Live Arcade. I’d play it to death.

The Egyptian Ruins at Night stage was undoubtibly the best stage in the game. So much room and waterways and the sniping locations. If ever I had someone over, playing it, I’d just say “No, we’re playing still playing on this stage.” each time we were done. Anyone try to put you and the 3 other CPU characters on the same team? The CPU starts going stupid after a 1 or so. lol