Out of Corner Genei-Jin

I use to be able to do this all the time but now my time is off I guess.

Im try to do:

  1. Standing Close Jab, chain to
  2. Standing Short, chain to
  3. Standing Strong, 2-in-1 to
  4. Jab Tetsuzankou, cancel to
  5. Genei-Jin, link to
  6. Standing Strong, link to
  7. Standing Fierce, 2-in-1 to
  8. Strong Tetsuzankou… continue with combo…

So based off this I have a few Qs

I don’t know why, but linking step 6 to 7 (from above) is hard as hell now. Everytime I press Fierce I do a Standing Close Fierce and not a normal Standing Fierce therefore my Fierce misses him. What is the timing on this?

Is there something else I can do to replace steps 6 and 7 to hit the Strong Tetsuzankou after the Genei-Jin?

If you think this Genei-Jin"out of corner" combo isn’t relayable anough, what else should I do? (By the way, I know the Jab Tetsuzankou, cancel to Genei-Jin scales the hell out of the damage)


if you mean the midscreen combo, and step 8 is dp+strong, then replace s.strong with c.strong in number 6… and sometimes it just completely whiffs i get that when i play against dudleys so I use c.forward then…

so your saying:

  1. Crouching Strong, link to
  2. Standing Fierce


yes, and cancel fierce into dp+hp/mp whatever… thats his midscreen genei jin

hot shit, thanks

Is there any particular reason for the fierce to come out as a close fierce? Like, pressing fp too soon or something? Or is it just based on character size?

the crouching strong, as opposed to the standing strong, pushes you far enough where the standine fierce will be of the far-type-ish