OUGA: Columbus Chapter Presents Shi-Kakuto-Geemu May 7th (SSF4, MVC3, MK2011, BB, T6)

OUGA is now in COLUMBUS!!!


Main Events:**
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (PS3)
Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (Xbox-360)
Mortal Kombat 2011 (PS3)
Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii)
Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Doubles (Wii)
Super Smash Brothers Melee (Wii/Cube)
Super Street Fighter IV (Xbox-360)
Tekken 6 (PS3)
Blind Marvel Event (PS3)
Mystery Tournament (???)

This time there is a 48 man cap PER event, though you may enter multiple events.


384 West 3rd Avenue
Columbus, OH 43201-3318**


The Orange Circles are where the entrances are.
The Blue Circles are where you can park. (Even though one of them claims to pay in a booth… you do not have to.)
Everywhere else, you will get towed if you park there.

Zeno’s is a bar.
If you are UNDER 21, YOU CANNOT DRINK. (Nor will they serve you alcohol)
However, all ages are allowed in this venue (I have seen a 10 year old at one of the SRK meetings.)

They have great food so I highly recommend eating at the venue.
We have the entire downstairs dedicated to this event.

Here is their website:

The 2 lower pictures under “Promotions” is the part we’ll be in.

May, 7th

Doors open at 11:30.
Registration starts at 12:00
Brawl Doubles starts at 12:30
Blazblue starts at 12:45
Super Street Fighter IV starts at 1:00 P.M.
Smash Bros Melee starts at 2:00 PM
Mortal Kombat Starts at 2:30 P.M.
Marvel Vs Capcom Starts at 3:00 PM
Smash Bros Brawl starts at 4:00 PM
Tekken 6 Starts at 4:00 PM
Blind Marvel starts at 5:30 PM
Mystery Event Starts at 7:00 PM

Such as Draft Crews
5v5 City vs City (or Scene vs Scene)
Melee Doubles
Other Casual Events

Doors close: 1:30
Venue Empties at 2:00

I will also TRY to keep one setup for friendlies/MMs for each game. Space pending.

*How Much?
$5 Venue (waved if you bring a FULL SETUP
AND we use it. First come first serve.)

$3 venue with Console
$1 venue with TV

Food can be bought at the venue.

  • A Full Setup means: TV plus system + game WITH EVERYTHING UNLOCKED!!! (Except for Blazblue’s Astrals and costumes.)


As I said before, the 2 GAMES with the most attendance WILL BECOME THE MAIN EVENTS of the next tournament. In the case of a tie, well I haven’t figured that out yet…

However, the tournament with the LEAST attendance will be replaced with a different game.

The game that will be added is…:

Arcana Hearts

This is because of the size of the venue, and the amount of time i have it for. I am working on getting a larger, cheaper venue. BUT until then, there is a cap.

Yes this means there can be more than 48 people at the tournament, just 48 per event.

Also there will be no pools for any $5 tournaments. (Sorry Brawlers.)

Sign up by typing the following in this thread or in another thread for the other games:

Crew(If it applies)
Games you want to enter
Setups you can bring

For example:

(The ‘/’ means I have one TV and system with two copies of the games.)



Bracket Seeding will be done in this order of priority (as best as I can based on knowledge of previous tournaments)

  1. Skill
  2. Points (See Post 2)
  3. Car Group
  4. Region

(For all 5 dollar tournaments)
1st: 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%
4th: $5 (Taken before the 60/30/10 is done)


  • You are responsible for your own controller and name tag. Any malfunctions or errors that occur are your responsibility, so bring an extra controller if possible and always check to make sure you’re using the correct settings BEFORE a match is played. If a match is to be restarted due to controller functions, it must be agreed upon by both parties.

  • Any action that can prevent the game from continuing (i.e., freezing, disappearing characters, game reset, etc.) will result in a forfeit of that match for the player that responsible for the action. You are responsible for knowing your own character, and must be wary about accidentally triggering one of these effects.

  • Dave’s Stupid Rule: No player may choose a stage they have already won on in that set unless agreed upon by both players.

  • Iggy’s Stupid Rule: You may not pause the match yourself. If you absolutely need to pause, it must be done so at the consent of your opponent.

  • No show DQ rule: After a match has been called, if a player is two minutes late he will receive a warning. At 4 minutes late, he will be given a loss for the first game of the set. After six minutes, he will be given a loss of the entire set. There should be no excuse for not being there when your match is called because all the food you need is in the venue for you. This does not apply if the player is in a different tournament game.

  • Color Blind rule: Should a player have a color-based disability, he or she may request in a teams match to have a specific color for their team. This is so characters such as Lucario or Sonic can be granted the blue team so that there is not unnecessary confusion. Applies mostly to Smash games.

  • Wiimotes and Classic Controller users should know to take the batteries out of their controllers after finishing a set; not only will this save battery life, but it prevents accidental interference and delay for tournament matches. PS3 users please use the ?Disconnect Controller? from the home menu.

  • Stalling is banned.

Applies mostly to Smash games.

  • Nope’s No BS Rule: By participating in this tournament you give the Tournament Operator and their affiliates the right to film, photograph and record your name, nickname, pseudonym, persona, picture, biographical material, voice and/or likeness and to use the same in any manner or media in connection with the Event to broadcast, reproduce, distribute and exhibit such photographs and/or recordings, in any manner whatsoever, by any and all means, media, devices, processes and technology now or hereafter known or devised anywhere in the universe at anytime in perpetuity.
    AKA don’t be a **** if we want to use gameplay footage for future events or streams.

  • Seamus McFly’s Sportsmanship Rule:
    If a losing player ends the match with “No Contest” (pausing and ending the game before the victory screen) after they lose their final stock but before “GAME” is called, that player is subject to consequences ranging from forfeit of that set to disqualification from the competition. Consequences can be avoided by apologizing to the other player for robbing them of a victory screen. Also, Excessive displays of rage over losing matches (shouting, controller throwing) will not be tolerated.

In other words, be respectful to the games and the players.

All tournaments will be:
Double Elimination
Best of 3 games (except for Finals: Winner, Loser and Grand will be best of 5)
Unless noted otherwise

Please bring your own controller (some controllers MIGHT be available if a player does not own the system, but would like to enter a tournament.)

BlazBlue CS:
Winner MUST stay character.
No Unlimited Characters.
Best of 3 rounds, 99 Seconds.
Setups MUST have ALL CHARACTERS unlocked to be waived.

Winner MUST stay character.
Best of 3 rounds, 99 Seconds.
Setups MUST have ALL CHARACTERS unlocked to be waived.
Kratos is banned
Kratos? stage and Street stage are banned
Default stage for the colorblind is Courtyard
If you get hit during a parry and go into crouch block and draw a glitch parry, you forfeit the match.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3:
Cannot have more of the same character on your team.
Winner must stay Characters, but may change lineup and assist types.
99 Seconds
Normal Mode
Best of 5.
Setups MUST have ALL CHARACTERS unlocked to be waived.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl:
See Link:
Midwest OUGA: CC Presents Shi-Kakuto-Geemu May 7th! - Smash World Forums

Super Smash Brothers Melee:

Super Street Fighter IV:
Winner must Stay character, but may change Ultras.
Best of 3 Rounds, 99 Seconds.

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
Winner must Stay character.
Best of 5 Rounds, 99 Seconds.
Each Stage on Random in Arcade Mode.

Random Characters and Assists EACH ROUND!!! (Using R2 to select)
99 Seconds
Simple Mode
Lowest Damage
Best of 3
Same as regular events.

Single Elimination
Best of 3. Best of 5 in Semis and Finals, unless noted otherwise.
25 cents entry.
Winner gets all minus 25 cents.
Second gets 25 cents back.

Midwest OUGA: CC Presents Shi-Kakuto-Geemu May 7th! - Smash World Forums
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*NOTE: The TOs are willing to drop out of two events to allow others to play instead.

** A ‘?’ next to your name means the player wasn’t sure OR didn’t prereg correctly.

Blazblue (PS3)
5 People (43 Spots opened)

  1. TheKiest (OUGA:CC)
  2. Blue Rogue (GK: NEOH)
  3. Sonjicboom (BAOC)
  4. Feiy (NEOH)
  5. Solecalibur (OUGA)


Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (360)
20 People (28 Spots opened)

  1. TheKiest (OUGA:CC)
  2. Athrex (SRK:Cbus)
  3. SneakyTaco (Cinci)
  4. The3 Composer (Lil Kneesianna)
  5. Squid Savage (Lil Kneesianna)
  6. Avenger (Lil Kneesianna)
  7. Quivo (GK:Cbus)
  8. KassandraNova (Knees)?
  9. Steel Samurai (Cinci)
  10. Smash64 (GK: Cinci)
  11. Blue Rogue (GK: NEOH)
  12. Sonjicboom (BAOC)
  13. Master WGS (Canal Winchester)
  14. Feiy (NEOH)
  15. Jekyll (Lil Kneesianna)
  16. SoraSin (Knees)
  17. IzunaDrop (SRK: Cbus)
  18. KB (GK: NEOH)
  19. Y.b.M. (GK: Cinci)
  20. Omni (NEOH)


**Mortal Kombat (2011) ** (PS3)
12 People (36 Spots opened)

  1. Athrex (SRK:Cbus)
  2. KB (GK:NEOH)
  3. Auspher (OUGA)
  4. Luminoth (Knees)
  5. Sonjicboom (BAOC)
  6. Master WGS (Canal Winchester)
  7. Seamus McFly (OUGA)
  8. Feiy (NEOH) ?
  9. SoraSin (Knees)
  10. LuckyDay (SRK: Cbus)
  11. IzunaDrop (SRK: Cbus)
  12. Tim Static (SRK: Cbus) ?


Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii)
40 People (8 Spots opened)

  1. TheKiest (OUGA:CC)
  2. Drillbit Sammy (2FRSH)
  3. SneakyTaco (Cinci)
  4. Clowsui (Cinci)
  5. The3 Composer (Lil Kneesianna)
  6. KassandraNova (Knees)
  7. Squid Savage (Lil Kneesianna)
  8. Avenger (Lil Kneesianna)
  9. Quivo (GK:Cbus)
  10. KB (GK:NEOH)
  11. links24 (P~F~A)
  12. Shugo (GK:NEOH)
  13. Auspher (OUGA)
  14. Steel Samurai (Cinci)
  15. Smash64 (GK: Cinci)
  16. AlphaZealot (GK: Cbus)
  17. Blue Rogue (GK: NEOH)
  18. Mars16 (Cbus)
  19. Lokii (NEOH) ?
  20. Luminoth (Knees)
  21. Slim (Knees)
  22. Sonjicboom (BAOC)
  23. Juushichi (OUGA:CC)
  24. jt5565 (2FRSH)
  25. Chaz (2FRSH)
  26. Argent (NEOH)
  27. Denzi (NEOH)
  28. Seamus McFly (OUGA)
  29. Sombra (GHSL)
  30. Solecalibur (OUGA)
  31. Jekyll (Lil Kneesianna)
  32. BlazKata (Squirtle Squad)
  33. SoraSin (Knees)
  34. Coop01 (2FRSH)
  35. Kel (Cinci)
  36. Infern (GK: Cinci)
  37. Y.b.M. (GK: Cinci)
  38. Blindman (Greenup/KY)
  39. MX778 (2FRSH)
  40. Omni (NEOH)


Super Smash Brothers Brawl Doubles (Wii)
15 Teams (23 Spots opened)

  1. TheKiest + Frenchmen (OUGA:CC)
  2. DrillbitSammy + jt5565 (2FRSH)
  3. Clowsui + Smash64 (GK: Cinci)
  4. Auspher (OUGA) + ?
  5. Shugo + KB (GK: NEOH)
  6. AlphaZealot (GK: Cbus) + ?
  7. Blue Rogue (GK: NEOH) + ?
  8. Luminoth + Slim (Knees)
  9. Juushichi (OUGA:CC) + ?
  10. Argent (NEOH) + ?
  11. Sombra (GHSL) + ?
  12. Mystic + Booker (Cbus) ?
  13. Infern + Y.b.M. (GK: Cinci)
  14. Kel + ? (Cinci)
  15. Kass + Tako (Cinci) ?


Super Smash Brothers Melee (Cube)
15 People (33 Spots opened)

  1. Drillbit Sammy (2FRSH)
  2. SneakyTaco (Cinci)
  3. Clowsui (Cinci)
  4. Quivo (GK:Cbus)
  5. Blue Rogue (GK: NEOH)
  6. Master WGS (Canal Winchester)
  7. Juushichi + Squid (OUGA:CC)
  8. Jekyll (Lil Kneesianna)
  9. BlazKata (Squirtle Squad)
  10. Mystic (Cbus)
  11. Booker (Cinci)
  12. Big R (Columbus)
  13. KassandraNova (Knees)
  14. Kel (Cinci)
  15. CFerris (Columbus)


Super Street Fighter IV (360)
8 People (40 Spots opened)

  1. Athrex (SRK:Cbus)
  2. The3 Composer (Lil Kneesianna)
  3. Steel Samurai (Cinci)
  4. Sonjicboom (BAOC)
  5. Master WGS (Canal Winchester)
  6. Argent (NEOH)
  7. Seamus McFly (OUGA)
  8. SoraSin (Knees)


Tekken 6 (PS3)
2 People (46 Spots opened)

  1. TheKiest (OUGA:CC)
  2. Spearl (OUGA:CC)


Blind Marvel (360)
4 People (44 Spots opened)

  1. TheKiest (OUGA:CC)
  2. SneakyTaco (Cinci)
  3. Juushichi (OUGA:CC)
  4. Seamus McFly (OUGA)


13 Full Setups

  1. Keist TV 1 + Wii/Brawl
  2. Keist TV 2 + PS3/BB/T6/BLIND
  3. Athrex TV + PS3/MK3
  4. SneakyTaco TV + Brawl/Wii
  5. The3 Composer TV + Wii/Brawl
  6. Squid TV + Brawl/Wii
  7. Auspher TV + Brawl/Wii
  8. AlphaZealot TV + Brawl/Wii
  9. Argent (NEOH) ?
  10. BlazKata TV + Brawl/Wii
  11. SoraSin TV + Brawl/Wii
  12. KB TV + Brawl/Wii
  13. Big_R + Melee/Cube



14 Partial Setups

  1. Keist TV 3
  2. Keist TV 4
  3. Zenos TV 1
  4. Zenos TV 2
  5. Zenos TV 3
  6. Zenos TV 4
  7. Athrex - Xbox 360 (MvC3?)
  8. Composer - MvC3, SSF4
  9. Avenger - Brawl/Wii
  10. KB - Wii
  11. links24 - Brawl/Wii
  12. Luminoth - MK9
  13. BlazKata - Melee
  14. SoraSin - SSFIV and MK9

Again Please Pregister in the way mentioned above!

Sign up by typing the following in this thread or in another thread for the other games:

Crew(If it applies)
Games you want to enter
Setups you can bring

For example:


Reserved for TO purposes.

I remember OUGA, haha. I ended up spending too much time playing fighting games with JCON to care about keeping up as a member. Where you one of the founding group?

Name/Handle: Jeremy R/Athrex
Location: Amanda, OH
Games you want to enter: SSF IV, MvC 3, MK 9
Setups you can bring: I have my Evo monitor and PS3 MvC3 with characters (Commence the fps bitching) or SSFIV. I can bring an xbox too if needed. I’ll prolly get Xbox MK9 which I will bring.

lol. looks dead to me

Updating Pre-reg list, been busy with other stuff.

List is updated.

More people generally sign up the week of.

mvc3 on ps3???

ok i was wondering if there is a way you could also put mvc3 on ps3 in the tournament , i can bring my own tv (two of them) and console with a copy of ssf4 and mv3?

MvC3 is considered a 360 game by most of the SRK group due to the lag issues a ps3 has. (Look at every 89 seconds… even in the danger room).

Will update more on Monday.

aaah that sucks ,am so good with the ps3 controller suck using the arcade stick

Put me down for MK9. Hopefully we can get at least 8 people there for that.

I think you can.


Closing Prereg at 8 pm FRIDAY NIGHT.

Name: Izuna Drop
Crew: -------
City: Columbus, Ohio
Events: Mortal Kombat 9 , Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Setups: PS3 (Mortal Kombat 9, Marvel vs. Capcom 3)

Will update tonight:

To all you “nah” sayers:

Kiester what the fuck is wrong with U? LOL

Name: LuckyDay
Crew: ---------
City: Westerville, Ohio
Events: MK9
Setups: nope

Needs more Tim and Eric.

Needs more Tim and Eric.

You trying to run MK in Ohio, Columbus no less, without getting in touch with Tim Static and Lucky Day? come on now…

I mentioned this at every Weds!

(Though I forgot to pass out flyers at the Weds before powerup).

Ruleset will be changed to Power Ups rules for MK9.

I cant do Wednesdays @ Zeno’s. I work 3rd so it never works (before my job Wednesdays were still the worst night of the week for me to get out) Regardless, i’d love to run this for you, along with the help of Lucky, if he is up for it. i got 2 dedicated PS3’s, but i would be open to running it on 360 as well. (i’ll even provide a couple of converters too). anywho, PM me and we can discuss it further.

(ps thanks for doing this and having MK9 there. <3)

Also, go post this up @ Tournaments & Events