OUGA: CC Go-Kakuto-Geemu June 25th RESULTS!

(Apologies if I have the results wrong here)
1: Jetm ($28.00)
2: Tiggy ($7.00)
3: Dullyanna ($5.00)
4: Ryujin
5: Mr. Two
5: Emba
7: Blue Rogue
7: Juushichi


  1. Jetm ($36.00)
  2. MrTwo ($9.00)
  3. Jimmy ($5.00)
  4. Emba
    [SIZE=4]5: Tiggy[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=4]5: Ryujin[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=4]7: Blue Rogue[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=4]7: Athrex[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=4]9: Solecalibur[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=4]9: TheKiest[/SIZE]

Marvel Vs Capcom 3
[SIZE=4]1: Jetm ($81.00)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]2: Sketch ($40.50)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]3: SnadMonkey ($13.50)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]4: 645 ($5.00)
[SIZE=4]5: Beverage55[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]5: Thulius[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]7: Townes[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]7: Fonz[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]9: jimmy[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]9: Y.b.M.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]9: KarateLincoln[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]9: Emba[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]13: Avenger[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]13: Heno[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]13: Izuma[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: SonicLionheart[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: Fromundaman[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: Hitstun[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: Scott P[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: Combot[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: Athrex[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: Th3Composer[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: PointedShadows[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]25: Ryujin[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]25: Blue Rogue[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]25: Dimitri[/SIZE]

Mortal Kombat 2011
[SIZE=4]1: DandyJ ($36.00)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]2: dudefella ($9.00)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]3: jimmy ($5.00)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]4: Dullyanna[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]5: Geochron[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]5: Athrex[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]7: Fields[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]7: KarateLincoln[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]9: Auspher[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]9: SonicLionheart[/SIZE]

Smash Bros. Brawl Singles
[SIZE=4]1: Fonz ($87.00) + $25.00 Gift Card to Zeno’s[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]2: Blue Rogue ($43.50)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]3: MX778 ($14.50)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]4: Y.b.M. ($5.00)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]5: Luminoth[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]5: Kel[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]7: SoraSin[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]7: Carls493[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]9: SneakyTako[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]9: Argent[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]9: AlphaZealot[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]9: TheKiest[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]13: KarateLincoln[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]13: Jiffy[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]13: KassandraNova[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]13: Thulius[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: Avenger[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: Juushichi[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: Auspher[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: Suyon[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: jt5565[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: Doctah Squid[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: Th3Composer[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: Solecalibur[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]25: Fields[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]25: SnadMonkey[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]25: Rikku[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]25: Fromundaman[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]25: Beverage55[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]25: mars16[/SIZE]

Smash Bros. Brawl Doubles
1: Kel + Y.b.M. ($60.50)
2: Fonz + Quivo (Fonz + Quivo) ($33.00)
3: Argent + Suyon (Argent + Suyon) ($16.50)
4: Coheed and Cambria (SoraSin + Luminoth)
5: Sky PIrates (Jiffy + Blue)
5: jt5565 + MX (jt5565 + MX)
7: Kass N Ass (TheKiest + Kass)
7: Juu + Squid
9: Fields + Gaga (Fields + Gaga)
9: Avenger + Composer (Avenger + Composer)
9: Beverage55 + Snadmonkey (Beverage55 + Snadmonkey)

Smash Bros. Melee
[SIZE=4]1: Greg ($32.00)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]2: Kel ($8.00)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]3: darkwingduck ($5.00)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]4: Beverage55[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]5: Blue Rogue[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]5: SnadMonkey[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]7: Daizan[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]7: Dullyanna[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]9: Nick[/SIZE]

Super Street Fighter 4: AE
[SIZE=4]1: Sketch ($63.00)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]2: JeLLITYMe ($18.00)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]3: Dullyanna ($9.00)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]4: Double Scoops ($5.00)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]5: Rakae[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]5: Thulius[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]7: Athrex[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]7: DandyJ[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]9: Ryujin[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]9: SonicLionheart[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]9: jimmy[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]9: Leon[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]13: Th3Composer[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]13: PointedShadows[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]13: LoZ[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]13: Y.b.M.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: Beverage55[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]17: SnadMonkey[/SIZE]

MYSTERY EVENT: Mario Party 8 Shake It
1: Jiffy ($4.75)
2: Th3Composer ($0.25)
3: KarateLincoln
3: Blue Rogue
5: jt5565
5: Thulius
5: Avenger
5: Ryujin
9: Auspher
9: Hitstun
9: swole
9: Juushichi
9: Argent
9: SoraSin
9: Solecalibur
9: TheKiest
17: Fields
17: LoZ
17: Doctah Squid
17: Rikku

TO Shoutouts:
[SIZE=4]Thanks to all that came this weekend.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]Thanks to Ryujin, Rakae, Athrex, Izuna, Sole, an d Kuhlau for helping run the events.[/SIZE]
Thanks to anyone who came from outside of columbus for making the event more fun.
Thanks to anyone who brought a setup.
Thanks to Indiana car that helped me setup and tear down.
Thanks to KarateLincoln whose soothing voice ended the night well. (He’s a good singer)
Thanks to Fonz for making the Grand Finals in Brawl watchable.

Also, the following items were left behind:
A copy of SSF4, MvC3 for the PS3
A surge protector
Rakae’s Fan (Now in with the TV’s)
A Gamestop 360 Pad
Someone’s dignity

[SIZE=4]I am missing my PS3/PSP cord that was with my Blue PS3 controller at the BlazBlue Setup.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Apologies to Blue Rogue for not paying out right. I owe you $15.[/SIZE]


  1. Remember to bring my Wii setup with Melee… Ugh… and my laptop cable.
  2. No more pools. I originally did this because I like the idea of people having a chance to play everyone. However if the scene is fine with just straight bracket I will deliver. This will also make room for more games.
  3. Remember to have SD rule for Brawl written. I will be debating which one I actually want kept, or I will make a new one which is a hybrid of the two.
  4. MK banned tournes do hav e more Hype, but then again there were not any strong Snake or Falco players. (No offense Kel, but MK is still your main.)
  5. Use Hitstun’s back-up Live Stream… lolz
  6. Remember to spray Febreeze into the fans every 2 hours.
  7. Find a way to get word to players upstairs that their matches are starting.

While it was a bit more crowded this time, I plan on running more events at Zeno’s. Momo’s is a goal of mine, but I don’t want to go there because the following reasons:

  1. Zeno’s food is 10x better and it’s cheaper.
  2. The venue cost is much cheaper, I like 5 dollar venue.

Maybe at the 10th Kakuto, I will think about hosting a larger event at Momo’s.

Please post them shoutouts!

Smash Link: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?p=12926734
SRK Link: OUGA: CC Go-Kakuto-Geemu June 25th RESULTS!

shoutouts to ganondorf

What’s up with the BBCS2 results?

Top four should be:

  1. Jetm
  2. MrTwo
  3. Jimmy
  4. Emba


Edit: Oh, and Dullyana got second in Arcana.

Great tourney. Would come again.

Thanks for corrections.

I forgot to write them down after they were told to me and forgot what they were this morning.

There’s a second N in my username faggots.

Shoutouts to everybody I played for dealing with my scrubby bullshit and drunken ramblings, ggs.

Fuck SF4 even if local tournies are free money for me.

Had a good time and I think things were run really well considering the number of games that were present. I wouldn’t feel too pressed about moving things to Momo’s until you know you’ve definitely outgrown Zeno’s. This tourney was busy for most of the day but not uncomfortably so IMO.

How often do you guys have gatherings of about this size? I think my group would honestly be willing to travel to something like this on a fairly regular basis since Huntington has no scene of its own to speak of.

Each of my monthlies have at least 60 people (that number is spread out to the events).

This number grows after each tournament I run.

Kiest switch mine and avengers places in mystery game
yes it is important