Ottawa Thread 2012

Games are dead in this city.

play us out, keyboard cat

james is gay

come to the hq tournament familyfraud. i wanna expose you one last time before you retire.

2012 one more year to live. Happy New Year maw fucks.

Happy new year, everyone. lol

damn julian. your sig reminds me i need to watch the bourne movies again

Best movies ever.

Quality forum software

yo what’s the deal with the tournament? this friday?

Live stream – of Manhattan protesters vs cops:
its been happening since NYE apparently.

A bit of an update. The basement now has actual windows. We can open them without risking any leaks. The stairs have also been redone and are actually sturdy.

However, the stairs aren’t sealed so shoes may need to stay upstairs for the time being. The basement is also dirty as hell from all the construction. If anyone helps clean up early Thursday, definitely be appreciated. Prolly will throw in a free night or drink.


NOTE: That means we can properly use the A/C now hahaha

Another update. All sticks that I’ve received have now been modded with Sanwa parts. 3 for HQ, 1 for Arun. 12 white and 6 grey/black Sanwa buttons plus 2 JLFs are now available for sale. $3 a button, $20 a JLF.

Hello, remember me?
I posted here roughly a month ago, and was told that HQ would be closed for the winter break.
Anyways, HQ opens this Sunday?


But the website says the HQ will be open After Jan 5th O_O
So it’s opens on Thu/Fri as usual?

yeah man

Well, a couple buddies and I are planning to go on Friday,
Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Jan 5th is Thursday dude… calendars are srsbsns.

But yeah, open Thursday/Friday as usual this week.

Does HQ look a bit nicer now?

Also, my montreal post from the last thread still applies. :<