Ottawa 25/08/07 End of Summer Tournament Results

CVS2 (17 peeps)

1 Ratio1beatdown
2 JS Master
3 Freddyloco
4 Karamba
5 JReinert, CB
7 Gwai Lo 1/2, PTS-one
9 MythicExile, RandomSuper, Heero, Ran-a-ku
13 1hitcombo, Gerjay, Superassrider, PLA Soldier
17 MasterMao

3s (20 peeps)

1 JS Master
2 CB
3 Freddyl0c0
4 Henri
5 MythicExile, Heero
7 psychokid, gerjay
9 1hitcombo, pereira, ran-a-ku, randomsuper
13 PTS-one, Mah, aznretro, jreinert
17 PLA Soldier, Joe, Than, Karamba

MVC2 (16 peeps)

1 Ratio1beatdown
2 JS Master
3 Lord Magnus
4 Gerjay
5 Quan, Shaun
7 CB, Smokey
9 Manaboy, Heero, MH, Aznretro
13 LMX, Sandman, Ivan, MythicExile

A3 (14)

1 MasterMao
2 R1Beatdown
3 Sars
4 Ran-a-ku
5 Heero, JS Master
7 Freddyl0c0, CB

AE (13)

1 Psychokid
2 Freddyl0c0
3 PLA Soldier
4 Henri
5 Pereira, Familyman
7 Smokey, RandomSuper
9 Heero, Ran-a-ku, Manaboy, Ratio1beatdown
13 SilentSam

XvSF (8)

1 RandomSuper
2 Martin
4 1hitcombo
5 Jreinert, MKP
7 CMAN, Wayne

Hold that shit Roger.

Gerjay . . . i dont get it.

Great Success!

Vids of 3s will be posted soon

I’m satisfied with my performance except a little few things…oh well.

It’s been nice seeing the ottawa crew again.

I had fun overall.

Here Dee, cadeau pour toi:

i guess 2 outa 3 aint bad

Special thanks to:

Ryad, Sars, J, Quan, Steve, Julia, Ahmed, Roble, Rod, JonPNP in no particular order. Ya’ll did something for me to mention your names.

Thanks to everyone else who went to the effort of coming down, bringing the hype, rolling the herb, playing the games and/or whatever.

Apologies for the overpriced pizza, I think the pizza place hustled me.
Apologies for the lack of CC2. I’m not sure how many people are angry they lost to an incredibly cheap and basic purple penis.

no one showed up for Xmen?

-gerjay gets sent to losers by adil. earlier in the day, in the drive, i predict this exact thing happening. the matchup, the outcome, everything. no one believes me of course
-samnang shows up to surprise-rape everyone in marvel. mustache-less > mustache
-the sidebets on smokey vs world.
-me taking a good amount of veasna’s money.
-all the finals for cvs2 (3s finals were boring, so were mvc2 to be honest). for about 10 seconds, romance went crazy. he hit confirmed a jump in into an activate (but blew the actual cc). and then he started counter poking like a beast. cvs2 evolution.
-me not having had sleep since thursday night.
-toronto takes number 1 in all major games. marvel top 6 is all TO.
-sidebets > *

-ottawa crew (steve, jnasty, gwai-lo, azn, dee). you guys got insanely better. steve owned me first round despite js training. i’ll just come back later, and play stronger. gwai and dee were both on top of their games, and jnasty is jnasty for areason.
-montreal crew (freddy, phoun, julien, veas, and whoever im forgetting). you guys are always awesome.
i wish there was more time to play casuals with all you guys, but the tourney started at 5 and didnt end till 3 so not much could be done.
-if i forgot anyone, apologies
-toronto/sauga, always beasting on games. SUCCESS??? FAILURE!

number 1 lowpoint u mean

highlight: fucking steve parrying the entire chun-li super ,BUT not in 3s … IN FUCKING …CVS2 :wtf: hahahaha thats insane. I stand up and start screaming and the round was not even finish.
Good point: we have the video :clap:
bad point: its direct stream ( if not this would have been the new infamous daigo video )

(Ho YEAH, btw…and then got beast by my maki R2 ). :wgrin:

Thanks to everyone for coming out. I had a great time overall - the only issue I had was I felt it should have been a 2 day event.

Shout outs to Mtl. You guys are crazy…when you were talking about drinking I really didn’t expect the 60oz of Appleton. God damn. Veasna was hammered! Too good. Lot’s of respect for Mtl’s skills…even when drunk. Ves vs. Phoung CvS2 drunken tourney match had like no turtling - good shit. Props to Julien for knocking me out…Maki is dangerous. Freddy was his usual beasting self. Good shit holding down Alpha 3 Sars and Mao. Henri has a pretty nasty Chun - good to see young players stepping up these days.

Toronto. All I have to say is fuck you and your over-populated city. j/p. Too many good players - can we borrow some? Roger is waaay too good in everything. Good smoking with ya. JS the master really impressed me too. Came back hard in 3S and I noticed a nice improvement in his CvS2 game since T8 somehow. Cyrus and Gerjay rounded up the CvS2 participation from TO and played well of course. Sorry for the wait Cyrus - you were positioned to wait for the extra round (17 man bracket). Nice to meet and chill with Lord Magnus, Quan and others.

Sorry for CvS2 running late. I have excuses:

  • It’s CvS2.
  • We started at 530
  • CvS2 players were in every other game.
  • Ves got me drunk before the tournament.
  • constant weed smoking.

LOL Me Veas and Phoun we were so fucking drunk!(we actually went to buy another bottle after the 60oz LOL) Fun tourney guyz My performance during the tourney was horrible! Its okay though I won tons of MMs after too bad it was all Veasna`s money

Oh shit so I guess the LCBO was open til 10 then? Niiice.

thx to ottawa crews for hosting such an enjoyable tourney… the SF atmosphere in Ottawa reminds me of T.O 5 years ago, i predict dat if u guys keep on playing, top placings in T9 will be Ottawa.

Big props to all that made the roadie up to Ottawa for this one. Its actually the 1st big tournament we have had up here and it went really well.

Special thanks to the Toronto crew JS (X Sodom ftw!?) Roger (i didnt know you played Alpha 2 next time i see you we play more) Cyrus (my man, much love) Gerjay (stop beating me in 3’s…)

MTLSF: Phoung (my brother for life, remember we do it for the people) Julien (who’s the scrub now!!! … good shit brother 3-1 for me though get me again next time) Alfred (Sometimes i wonder how you manage to do some of the things you do brother. Good work my friend i look foward to seeing you again) Veas (rofl… when you were fighting Phoung you looked so stunned “wtf is going on.” classic") Mao ( Old School FTW. gg’s man) Sars (V charlie is too much for me, next time we meet i hope i am ready)

Ottawa: Thanks Kheim for organizing it, you buildin a rep for yourself bring people together like this man good stuff.

Ahmed for keeping it open til 3

All the ottawa players… i see you people all the time so i dont really need to say much to you guys. Good show fam, lets have an even better showing next time we bring the masses to our house.

Overall i really enjoyed myself and i had a great time. Good luck to all those who are headed back to school and i hope to see you all in the near future.

Good Job everyone, mad props to Kheim for running this tournament, not only is it getting better and better, but attendance is growing as well. Good shit Bro keep up the good work.

I like the ambiance in Ottawa, its a very laid back chillin vibe. Half the people are actually wasted. And I’ll even go as far as blaming the loss of Mtl players on that particular fact, Asians Stop drinking before tourneys. Roger didnt seem to have a problem handling it though. Next time YOU bring the alcohol and get us drunk since it makes you win tourneys. Anyways, was great seeing you all.

I don’t need to tell you all MTLSF is very enthusiast with your tournament and we plan to attend the next one. Keep praticin cause i will be.

Btw, Attendance for the Alpha 3 Tournament was more than expected, 14 players total. It was awesome!! I’d like to keep these running with each new event. The quality of the players attending are overwhelming. Mad props to ran-a-ku , i had no idea you were this good brotha, Mad GUY. And i strongly believe if we keep this up, at the next T series, we can easily own Empire or USA in A3… we’ll see.

GG everyone,
see you next time


Good tourney, I’m still tired for not sleeping for 3 days. . . What a mistake!

Props to Adil/JS and roger for beating them both :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m almost better than drunken veasna in CvS2, and that’s a highlight for me. Karamba coaching in seemingly every game helped a lot. The guy is always watching. . . always.

Anyways, I’m still too tired to remember much more, but good games to everybody. And remind us to never arrive early to an ottawa tourney. . . NOBODY was there and we thought we had the wrong weekend. :frowning:

That’s just Ottawa. Laid back, chill, high.

That’s the most important thing for me when I throw a tourney. I want every single person who comes to have fun. I hope everyone did.

Next time I throw an end of summer tournament, I’m gonna change the name. Too many other end of summer tournaments out there.

Can’t wait for vids.

Good thing nobody taped marvel :stuck_out_tongue:

But direct feed CvS2 will be sick, same with 3S which seemed to have every match taped. Can’t wait.

just wanted to say thanks to khiem !! nice tourney !!
it was very fun though specialy pingpong lol hahaha
i donno what happend to a3 but i win it hehehe

jsmaster : v-sak was too much for my a-ryu !! keep praticing man one day you be as good as me :stuck_out_tongue: hehehe

roger: top2 in a3? that was awsome u only need more speed and maybe more challenge would help u alot in your gameplay ! dhalsim it’s a beast once you lean it well :slight_smile:

success: nice seeeng you again bro …keep it nice and clean with Adon oki hehe

sars: good job man ! top3 is good enouf :lovin:

ran-aku: was nice playing ya man…old school ftw for sure :stuck_out_tongue: lol

anyways gtg later all man!! props too all the winners!!!