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When: December 3rd, 2017
Where: Levels Gaming Lounge
Time: 10AM - 9PM (tentative)
Why: Gaming to heal kids at Ronald McDonald’s House and to unite gamers across Ottawa!
Games: Smash games include Smash Bros Melee, Smash 4 but there will be other games like Marvel VS Capcom Infinite, Tekken 7, indies and other games you wish to bring! :wink:

Setups for these main games are appreciated as well as your own favourites!

Gaming to heal kids at Ronald McDonald’s House and to unite gamers across Ottawa!

From the very beginning, gaming has always been a social affair. Gamers of all ages would meet up in arcades and play. Sometimes they would be on the same team, but many times they would be challenging each other, showing off their honed skills for prestige and respect. Tips and tricks, learning boss patterns and practicing often were key. A friendly competitiveness is healthy in gaming. This respect for each other and the gaming community at large keeps gaming a social activity. Sharing our passion unites us all.
With the advent of home consoles, there was a paradigm shift. Gaming became less a social affair and the arcades where people congregated started to disappear. Friends you made while gaming would disappear and play at home. With Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, you no longer need to leave your home to play against someone. You are being social but you aren’t developing the same kind of community ties that gaming used to bring in your life.

On the Internet, gaming is united but in gaming clusters. People are still passionate about gaming and we are seeing growth locally but its not enough. We need to unite to help our local communities as gamers and give back. If it weren’t for the communities supporting us as gamers, we would have nowhere to game, nowhere to meet and make our gaming communities stronger.

That is why we must meet up and show our strength. Combine our passion for games and people of all paths. We can achieve great heights but we have to do it together and make things better for our communities and show that all gamers are capable of so much more. We can raise money for charity, help heal kids and grow our community all at the same time. But we need your help to make it happen, with bringing game systems, helping spread the word about our common goal and our passion for gaming. Grassroots gaming has always lead to great heights and Ottawa needs more collaboration and unity to reach our higher virtues. Will you join us to raise awareness of gamers’ passion in your local community and help heal local kids?

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