Otg Sa2?

I was checking out the following video:


And I noticed that Sean’s SA2 (along with Ryu’s SA2 and Akuma’s SA2) were catching Dudley while he was grounded off of a throw. Thinking this would be too sweet, I tried it on my own, but I couldn’t do it properly on Chun-Li, as the move would just pass through her as she got up. I got the same results with the other supers.

Is this trick character-specific, or am I timing it wrong? If it is character-specific, does it work on anyone OTHER than Dudley? I was thinking a free super off of a throw was too good to be true. :confused:

It’s just Dudley, and it works with Ken’s SA1, as well. It has to be JUST after you throw them and if the Dudley quickrolls it doesn’t hit.

I was just trying it on Dudley, and I couldn’t get that to work either.

Although, when you bring up the tech roll, that gives me reason to not bother practicing.