oro help!!

im having a hard time figuring out how to get his :l: for 2 seconds then :r: :lp: fireball (should shoot upwards) to move down :mad: some help please??

I don’t understand what you’re asking. His LP fireball is supposed to shoot straight across.

theres another one where it shoots up diagonaly

MP shoots at a 30 degree angle, HP shoots at a 45 degree angle. EX fireballs home in on the opponent. If they’re on the ground when you shoot an EX fireball, it fires horizontally. If they’re in the air, it fires diagonally.

Does that answer your question?

k…i got this combo video where it shows him shooting a HP and while it shoots up in the air very slowly it starts moving down…if u still might not understand than ill show u the video.

That was an EX fireball, fired when the opponent was in the air.

ohh…how can u ex that fireball?..i tried but the only fireball i could ex with oro was the back,forward lp one.

For the third time, make sure your opponent is IN THE AIR when you do the EX fireball!

ohh…haha…my bad, imma go try it right now…thx

Hey JinRai, can you rip me an oro sprite of him sleeping with rocks around him as an av? If looping the rocks are too hard, just do him sleeping. Thanks, I really appreciate it.

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