Oro Glitch

Well just today I was playing around with Oro SA3. While playing aracde mode, I was playing against Nerco. He old had 1 life point left, and I finished him off with a UOH. He blocked, so it did chip damage. While he was blocking Oro froze for a second or two, and I was able to continue attacking until the Stones disappeared (PPP version), and also let me continue do the chicken combo after. Hahaha, this might now be new, so feel free to tell me so I can feel like an idiot later:rofl:

Edit: I’ve tested this out in practice with everyone, it seems to work on everyone.

Confirmed. I knew about the freeze, but not about being able to stay active for so long after. It’s like being able to finish a CC after KO in CVS2. Good job! By the way, you can’t do special moves, so you can’t finish with the chicken combo.

EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=pDzhwAj8glQ

I’ll stick up another video in a bit. Very simple infinite combo using System Direction and the glitch.

EDIT2: http://www.youtube.com/?v=swZKSJgcxDE (Air Combo Skill set to 4 stars.)

Nice clips; good find! 3S isn’t dead yet!


3s isn’t dead because iori45 found a glitch that only occurs when the person dies? How gamebreaking! I can’t wait to incorporate this into my Oro game!

C-Royd, it’s so over for you!

So this is new, cool… Sorry for not finding a more useful glitch :sweat:

strakka talks all that but i bet he uses it to piss someone off

whats the sys direction setting for infinite combos ?

Uh I think he just means that there’s still new stuff to find after all these years.

MaybeMemories: It’s right there in my post. Air Combo Skill set to 4 stars.

It’s a damn shame you can’t use the glitch to build meter. Most glitches/tricks in 3S are useless, but still kind of cool… like exploding basketballs.

Yeah, I was half joking w/ my post. I always enjoy seeing new glitches etc, so I thought this was a pretty cool find. Not extremely useful… actually, not useful at all… but still cool to see.

is this glitch in arcade and Xbox as well?

I can’t believe noone knew about this before???

actually, i have this glitch recorded on my computer as footage for my 2nd video. Yes. The video which was supposed to come out 2 years ago. Good stuff, Iori45 and Jinrai

Well if you ever make that video, don’t forget my 100% stun regular Tengu reset.

Exploding basketballs?

With SA3 activated, have Q parry Sean’s basketball and then grab it with QCF+P.

Cool. Reminds me of the uselessness of that Chun-Li sound glitch I found a while back.

I just noticed a similar glitch w/ Urien today… Through an aegis out, chip them w/ UOH for the win, and then you’ll hover in the air for an extra half second… nothing too crazy, but it’s the same idea.