Orlando 08/18/02: Enk's CvS2 Home Conesole Tournament

1st Dwayne (Enk)
2nd Gavin (Sho Gokie)
3rd Dennis
4th Manny

Hella tough comp at my place last night so I decided to hold a tournament. Gavin and the rest of the comp were on the ps2 pad, but you could hardly tell, and I was on the MAS. The finals were 3 out of 5 and Gavin’s team of Cammy, Vega, Sagat/Blanka(2) had to win two sets in order to win. He wins the first set 3-1, and Dwayne wins the next set 3-2 with only pixles of energy left. Dwayne was using Blanka, Vega, Chun Li(2) through out the tournament but switched to Blanka, Balrog, Chun Li(2) in the last match to clutch the victory!

Good games to all who participated.